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This is why plastic-free lunch boxes are so important for the kindergarten

Children are often very picky when it comes to food. It can then happen that the food in kindergarten is scorned. A healthy snack that is prepared at home for kindergarten is therefore often the norm in many families.

It is all the more important not only to prepare a balanced meal for your child, but also to ensure that it is stored safely and without health concerns. Many parents automatically fall back on the classic lunch box.

It is often kept in a child-friendly size so that it is not too heavy and comes in bright colors with motifs. When it comes to the material of the lunch boxes, care is often taken to ensure that it is robust, as it can often get a bit stormy in kindergarten. For this reason, the choice falls on a lunch box made of plastic.

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But there are also numerous alternatives

It is important that the lunch box should be plastic-free. There are many reasons for a plastic-free lunch box. On the one hand there is the environment, which you want to protect by minimizing plastic waste. On the other hand, avoiding plastic, especially in food storage, reduces a health risk. The health of their own children is the top priority for parents. Therefore, the following text lists a few good reasons why you should use plastic-free lunch boxes for kindergarten.

Do something for the environment

It is important to more and more parents to live more environmentally conscious. Pollution is currently a present topic in our society. We are still offered many products made of plastic. Global trade does the rest, since the inexpensive product can be ordered quickly and easily from overseas via the Internet.

So it's no wonder that there are still many plastic lunch boxes for children on offer everywhere. However, plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental sins of our time. It decomposes very slowly and primarily pollutes the oceans and their sensitive ecosystem. The consequences of this pollution are difficult to predict. Reports of many species dying have shocked us for quite some time.

It is therefore important to avoid plastic wherever possible and to look for alternatives.

Large selection of plastic-free lunch boxes

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to avoid plastic. The industry has now also recognized this. There are a variety of plastic-free lunch boxes, especially for children who want to take their lunch box to kindergarten every day. In the meantime, the selection has become so large that it can be difficult to choose the right box for your child.

Alternative materials to the old plastic lunch boxes can be:

  • Stainless steel lunch boxes. Here it is important to pay attention to the grade 304 or 316, as it is considered particularly safe for storing food. Lower alloys tend to rust a little quicker.
  • Lunch boxes made from bio-plastic. Particular care is taken here to ensure that the lunch box is made of sustainable material. These cans are also mostly free of so-called plasticizers such as BPA.
  • Lunch boxes made of bamboo or rice husks. You are closest to the environment. In addition, they are often easy to clean even in the dishwasher.

There is also something for almost every budget in terms of price.From the somewhat cheaper variant to the somewhat more expensive version, there is a wide range of products. However, it still does not come close to the still very cheap plastic lunch box. But if you consider all the advantages that a plastic-free variant offers, you'll be happy to dig a little deeper in your pocket.

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Not only plastic can look child-friendly

If you are concerned that there is no selection of bright colors and designs in the plastic-free lunch box segment, you can rest easy. The cans for the kindergarten are available in numerous colorful designs with funny and child-friendly motifs.

Here, too, the question arises: "Which of the many should it be?" A good tip would be to involve your child in the decision-making process. Since it will take the lunch box to kindergarten every day, it is a constant companion and is probably even more fun if it is allowed to be chosen.

Healthy food in a healthy lunch box

Probably the most important reason for using plastic-free lunch boxes for the kindergarten is the health of the children. The lunch box in kindergarten is a daily companion for the children. It contains the snack lovingly prepared at home, which is eaten with relish in the kindergarten group.

Plastic in food storage facilities can be proven to cause health damage in children. There is an increased risk, especially in the warm seasons.

The chemicals found in non-plastic-free lunch boxes break down much more easily in warmer temperatures and can contaminate your child's food. In particular, the chemicals used as plasticizers in the production of the lunch boxes even increase the risk of developing diabetes.

For this reason, plastic lunch boxes that contain plastic are regularly examined by various government agencies for long-term health damage. In order to minimize the health risk for children, it is therefore advisable to use a plastic-free variant.


So there are many good reasons for a plastic-free lunch box, which is primarily intended for use in kindergarten.

On the one hand, doing without plastic is a great favor for the environment and future generations. On the other hand, there are now numerous alternatives to the plastic cans that are available everywhere on the market. As already mentioned, these can be made of stainless steel or bio-plastic.

The plastic-free lunch box is also impressive in terms of design and functionality. It is in no way inferior to the environmental polluter plastic can in this respect either. But on the contrary. The plastic-free version only has advantages. One of the most important is that a plastic-free lunch box for kindergarten protects your child's health. Chemical pollutants can no longer contaminate at least the snack in the kindergarten.

In addition, the plastic-free lunch box is now available for almost every budget. Although it is a little more expensive than the cheaper plastic version. But if you think of the many advantages, you should be prepared to spend a little more money. The lunch box is also usually a durable product. Therefore, this financial investment pays off in any way in the long term.

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