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Why stainless steel is simply the better choice

We don't think much of plastic - you can tell that from our products and our associated ones Corporate and life philosophy. Have you only recently started dealing with the topic of sustainability and would like to learn more about it? Then feel free to have a look at our other blog postings!

Stainless steel lunch boxes are a great environmentally friendly alternative to plastic lunch bags or aluminum paper. Unlike plastic or aluminum, you don't have to worry about yourself or your child here, because thanks to the stainless steel, the lunch box is absolutely harmless as far as your health is concerned.

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What is that anyway?

A metal lunch box is a practical box for transporting food or meals - and all without plastic!

Exactly - stainless steel is the name of the miracle material. It is conveniently for the dishwasher suitable, it does not absorb unpleasant odours and is also leakproof. Fortunately, the backpack or bag stays dry. Ideal for giving to your child to take to school or kindergarten.

Drei Kinder essend auf Bett

How exactly does the lunch box work?

Today's zeitgeist is moving more and more towards sustainable consumption. Above all, we want to consume more consciously. More and more people are giving up plastic.

Logically, stainless steel lunch boxes are currently well received. It is completely free of plastic and therefore completely harmless for your health.

The modern lunch box also has the great advantage that you can transport not only solid but also liquid meals with it. Thanks to the plastic-free sealing rings it will be no problem for you or your child to pack liquid contents for school or work.

What types are there?

Stainless steel lunch boxes are ideal for kindergarten or school. They can also be used optimally at home to prepare meals for the next few days in a relaxed manner ("Meal Prep"). We offer you our lunch boxes in many different shapes and sizes.

The capacity of a lunch box ranges from 550 ml (small) to 780 ml (medium) up to 1260 ml (large). The closures are different. With our L-Lock series, it should be noted that the clip fasteners are a little harder to open and are therefore more suitable for children from 6. Age are recommended.

Our D-Lock series has been specially developed and designed with small children in particular in mind will be able to open the lunch box.

Are you unsure? Then feel free to visit our purchasing advisors. We offer these for our D-Lock - and L-Lock series on.

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Where can I buy the lunch box?

After a lot of thought, have you decided to buy a stainless steel lunch box? Then feel free to have a look at our Online Shop. We have packed our products for you into different categories so that you can find the right one for every occasion can find.

What is the lunch box used for?

As already mentioned, stainless steel lunch boxes are great for the way to work, school or kindergarten. You are also welcome to use the can for storage of food in the refrigerator.

Dry foods such as rice, nuts, pasta or flour are also ideal for the stainless steel lunch box. Do you like to go camping? Stainless steel is also great as additional camping crockery.

What should I look out for?

Basically, you should definitely be aware of the purposes for which you want to use the lunch box. Should it be a lunch box for school or a lunch box for kindergarten? Our stainless steel cans are primarily designed for small children and are therefore of course also 100% plastic-free, handy and easy to clean.

Depending on how old your child is, you should make sure that the can is easy to open. Our D-Lock series with soft clip is very well suited for this. Due to the easy handling, the series is ideal for school or kindergarten. In addition, this series is leakproof thanks to the plastic-free silicone ring.

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When cleaning, we recommend cleaning by hand for even longer durability. Of course, the lunch box can also be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. After rinsing, simply wipe the can dry with a clean, dry cloth to buff any stains left in the lunch box.

Advantages and disadvantages


One can say that a lunch box made of stainless steel is definitely robust. If your child should drop it at school or in daycare when things were a bit chaotic, it will survive this maneuver without any problems. Plastic could break here. If the can is used optimally and carefully, it can last a lifetime.

In contrast to plastic, the handle of the stainless steel lunch box is very environmentally friendly. So if you consider that the can lasts a lifetime and you dig a little deeper into your wallet for it, you also have a clear advantage here. You do not consume any additional resources - of course, our environment is primarily happy about that.

Another advantage of stainless steel is that it does not absorb odours and you can store and transport food-safe meals. You don't need to use any additional paper or other raw materials.

Stainless steel is also resistant to acid and heat. In addition, you don't have to worry about your health at all, since there are no plastics and the cans are BPA-free.

Keyword camping: If you are out and about, the stainless steel is perfect for a camping trip with the whole family.


The price. Sure, we can understand that stainless steel cans can be quite pricey. However, you should always keep in mind that unlike plastic cans, these will last you a lifetime.

The costs for this are worth the reverse. Throw away a can every year or keep one in your inventory for the rest of your life?

The weight. Lunch boxes with partitions or generally made of stainless steel can be a little heavier in your child's backpack than plastic. You can also counteract this with an appropriate ergonomic backpack. With the specially designed backpacks such as the ergobag, you don't have to worry about your child being overweight.


Stainless steel is THE material. It is ideal as a lunch box for children because it is odorless and very robust and with all these great properties it also looks great. With the purchase of a stainless steel lunch box, you also make an important contribution to our environment.

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