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Which division makes the most sense for lunch boxes?

Phew, done! - You have finally been able to choose the right Bento Box from the almost overwhelming selection of lunch boxes. But now the next question arises: Which lunch box with partitions makes the most sense for my child?

Don't worry, we'll help you to make the space in your child's lunch box as efficient as possible. The advantage of a box with subdivisions is that you have the opportunity to offer your child a varied and descriptive meal can!

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Kinder auf dem Boden spielend

First of all, it is important that you are clear about what type of meal you want to give your child to school or kindergarten - a a few pasta with tomato sauce from the day before and fruit for dessert or finely separated, individual snacks such as cashew nuts, cheese and vegetable sticks.

You should also make sure that your child gets enough from the portions. Does your child still have problems eating with cutlery? In this case, there are meals that can be eaten by hand without any problems. These should of course be divided into bite-sized pieces.

Another tip:

When preparing the food, please make sure to work with clean hands so that no bacteria can sneak into the food of your loved ones.

Whatever you should give your offspring, in addition to the correct subdivision of the box, the certain nutritional value also plays a decisive role. The rule of thumb is: at least half of the can should be filled with fruit and raw vegetables.

It is also important to note how much your child ate at home for breakfast before going to kindergarten. If you have already eaten enough in the morning, you no longer need a huge portion of pasta for lunch!

Kind beim Frühstück mit MilchNext, we'll go through the list of ingredients that are best transported in a compartmented box.

Nutrient foods would be foods such as potatoes, whole grain products and various legumes. These complex carbohydrates provide the body and head with enough energy for the day.

Optimal suppliers for the gray cells are polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids. You can find these in ingredients like nuts, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, avocado and high-fat fish.

For the growth and development phase, which takes place in the second and third year of life, protein is particularly important. This is where you best provide your child with things like fish, eggs, lean meat and dairy products. Vegan alternatives would be, for example, nuts, seeds and legumes.

All the ingredients put together correctly, the content of the stainless steel box is without gaps and thanks to the division, nothing gets mixed up. Your child expects a well-ordered box and is immediately more motivated to eat everything!

Mutter und Kind beim Kochen

The choice of the meal that you make also automatically affects the corresponding subdivision of the stainless steel box and the necessary volume.The dividers included with the can are removable and thus provide enough space for a wide variety of dishes and combinations

We therefore offer our leak-proof D-Lock series in three different sizes, each with a capacity of 550 ml, 780 ml and 1280 ml on.


Are you preparing something tasty for your child the night before? So please make sure to let the food cool down completely before you put it in the lunch box. Alternatively, whole dishes can be frozen - so you are optimally prepared if you don't have time to cook something.

Especially in summer, this plays a major role in terms of hygiene. In this way you prevent condensation from escaping - the food stays fresh and doesn't lose its taste. Your offspring will thank you!

We also recommend our buyer's advisor, who will tell you about the toddler-friendly D-Lock series as well as the kid-friendly L-Lock series 4-in-1 (perfect for school).

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

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