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Personalized lunch box with engraving

Personalized lunch box with engraving

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Get your personalized engraved lunch box from Sattvii now. Choose the lunch box you want to personalize and enter your name for engraving. You will then receive your personalized stainless steel lunch box from Sattvii within 14 working days.

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Oven suitability: Yes

Guarantee & Returns

We want to make you happy with our products and guarantee you an uncomplicated shopping experience. With the Sattvii® satisfaction guarantee , you can be sure that you have a contact person with your product, even if something goes wrong.

customer support

If you have any questions about your Sattvii® stainless steel lunch box or accessories, you can always contact our customer support. We will help you quickly and easily with your question or problem.

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3 year manufacturer guarantee

Sattvii® stainless steel lunch boxes are robust and durable products with a very high quality of workmanship. However, sometimes things can go wrong during production. If your product has defects, you can easily have it replaced with a new lunch box within 3 years.

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Free returns

You have received your Sattvii® stainless steel lunch box but you don't like it? Then send it back to us within 14 days with the free return. We will then refund your money immediately.

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Dishwasher suitability

The Personalized lunch box with engraving has been tested by TÜV LFGB and is 100% dishwasher-safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Sattvii® seals made of silicone?

EcoSafe seals from Sattvii® are sustainable, plastic-free and biodegradable . As the starting material for our plastic-free seals, we use silicone that is harmless to health and plastic-free.

When we hear the term silicone, many of us instinctively think of a petroleum-based plastic from which seals for windows, doors and containers are made. But that is wrong! Silicone is not plastic.

This is what differentiates silicone from plastic

Silicone is made up of silicon atoms and Oxygen atoms which are artificially connected to each other, but are essentially two naturally occurring raw materials. As a result, silicone has unique advantages that clearly distinguish it from plastic:

  • Silicone does not evaporate
  • Silicone is free of plastic and petroleum (of course BPA free)
  • Silicone is tasteless
  • Silicone is durable and strong
  • Silicone is harmless to health
  • Silicone degrades much faster than plastic
  • Silicone can be broken down by microbes

This makes it clear why we use silicone for our seals instead of the much cheaper plastic seals. This is the only way we can achieve a long-lasting, sustainable and non-hazardous overall product.

Do Sattvii® stainless steel lunch boxes have dividers?

So that you can portion your meals perfectly, we have two different concepts for our stainless steel lunch boxes and bento boxes.

Removable dividers

Some of our stainless steel lunch boxes and bento boxes come with one or two removable dividers. These dividers allow you to define areas in the lunch box to separate different foods.

If you want to clean your lunch box, you can easily remove the partition from the lunch box and put it in the dishwasher or clean it by hand.

Stainless steel lunch box with dividers

Stackable bento box

With our bento boxes, we rely on the stackable bento principle. In addition to the dividers, you can easily stack your boxes on top of each other to separate different foods.

You can also transport foods with a high liquid content such as cucumbers or tomatoes and dry foods such as crackers or biscuits together.

Stackable bento box

With the mini containers you see in the picture, you can also pack nuts, sauces or dips safely. This table shows you exactly which lunch boxes come with dividers and bento boxes:


partition wall Stackable

Small stainless steel lunch box

1 x


Medium stainless steel lunch box

1 x


Large stainless steel lunch box



Small bento box



Medium bento box

1 x

Medium bento box fixed divider



Large bento box

1 x

Bento box set

None Yes

Order your lunch box personalized

Are you looking for a personalized lunch box that was engraved in Germany and is free of harmful substances and plastic? Then you've come to the right place at Sattvii®. Because with us you get your very personal, pollution-free personalized lunch box. Especially if you are looking for a personalized lunch box for children, you should make sure that the personalized lunch box was made without BPA and plastic. We go one step further with our personalized lunch boxes. Because every personalized lunch box from Sattvii® is CO2 compensated, from production to delivery. After all, it is important to preserve the environment for our children. Order your sustainable lunch box for kindergarten and school now and give your child a special treat when they start school.

Repakula family

We are Ramya Avva and Viswatez Repakula. With our Sattvii brand, we want to share values ​​of Indian culture such as closeness to nature, appreciation of food and a vegetarian lifestyle in Germany and beyond.

A healthy, sustainable and fresh diet requires high-quality lunch boxes and bento boxes, which we sell in our shop.

about us
  • 3 year guarantee

    Our lunch boxes are made from high quality stainless steel and are designed to last a lifetime.

  • Free returns

    If you don't like your lunch box, you can simply send it back to us free of charge.