Unser Beitrag zu einem gesunden Planeten - Sattvii®

Our contribution to a healthy planet

Even if the situation is frightening, you have to lend a hand. Because only if we act can we save our planet. As a sustainable company, we naturally asked ourselves the question right from the start: How can we contribute to a healthy planet?

Based on this question, we designed our corporate philosophy. It forms the maxim of our actions - the model of every decision.

It is the reason why we do not use harmful plastic or other substances during the development of our products. After all, your body and our planet deserve only the best. With 100% stainless steel products, we have also created products that will continue to exist in the near future and can convince through sustainability. Already during the production of our products we do without plastic and other harmful substances or materials. Where it says 100% environmentally friendly, it should also say 100% environmentally friendly. Sattvii fights for its values ​​and the health of the environment. It's time to act and wake up.

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You want to live healthy and plastic-free, but don't want to do without practical boxes in various sizes? Then you've come to the right place!

We have set ourselves the goal of providing you with TÜV-tested, environmentally friendly, plastic-free and healthy lunch boxes. Our products are characterized by so many other aspects. If you want to get to know them in detail, we suggest the following introductory text.


  • Eco-friendly stainless steel
  • Free from harmful BPA
  • Multiple reuse
  • No rust or odor residue
  • Excellent value for money
  • 3 year money back guarantee
If you decide on a Sattvii stainless steel bento box, you are setting an important example for sustainability and health. All of our products that you can find on the website meet strict quality standards. As a real alternative to environmentally harmful plastic boxes, Sattvii products stand above all for practicality and health.

Unfortunately, many lunch boxes are still made of harmful plastic. In the long run, this is harmful to health, especially for school children who depend on healthy bread boxes. After all, our little ones only deserve the best - right?

Do yourself and your child a favour: avoid harmful BPA as much as possible. Various scientific studies show how harmful this chemical substance is. With Sattvii you have a healthy and inexpensive alternative!
Do the environment, your health and your wallet a favor. Sattvii helps you to get away from plastic and rely on healthy alternatives. When manufacturing our items, we completely do without BPA - you won't find a single plastic molecule in our boxes. This is not only good for the environment and your health, but also has a positive effect on your wallet.
Because boxes made of stainless steel have a much longer shelf life than boxes made of plastic. The practical containers can be used several times over a longer period of time - so you don't have to buy new boxes regularly.


Exactly - no changes in taste due to any residue Bento boxes made of stainless steel can be filled with a wide variety of meals. After extensive cleaning, the boxes are ready for use again for the next ingredients. No matter how strong the smell or taste of the contents of the box, there will be no rust, smell or taste residue. After a simple cleaning in the dishwasher, you won't see, taste or smell any of the previous contents.
The health of our products has been scientifically confirmed several times. As part of the LFGB EU test by TÜV South South Asia, it was proven that the metal does not contain or release any chemicals. Our bento box passed the test without a single flaw. The scientists are also 100% sure that our boxes contain no chemicals.


You can shop with us worry-free, because our lunch boxes have been tested by TÜV Süd and come from India, where the bento box and the dabbawala system have decades of tradition. Our products meet the highest European quality standards (LFGB EU sensory and dishwasher test by TÜV South Asia) and are suitable for you and your children.


It doesn't matter what size you want - you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our range. Even the division of the bento box is entirely up to you. If you can't find a suitable, rust-free box in our range, you won't find it anywhere else.

All of our different items have the same properties. Qualitative, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Because we see the embodiment of these aspects as the top priority of our brand.

We want to bring health to you at home. BPA-free lunch boxes for everyday use are the first important step. If you have questions, suggestions or requests about our products, we are of course available to you at any time.


The facts about the precarious environmental situation are frightening. Now is the time to change something. That's what we thought when we founded Sattvii. With Sattvii we want to create a brand that cares about the health of its users and the environment. With our plastic-free products, which are all TÜV tested, we want to take decisive steps towards environmental protection and sustainability.

100% plastic-free stainless steel. Our boxes can be reused several times and are therefore particularly valuable for you and your environment. In addition, our stainless steel products are characterized by unique quality, great workmanship and practicality. They are not only dishwasher-safe, but also designed for every situation in everyday life and are practical everyday helpers. Special closures ensure that the contents of the box do not escape. The plastic-free bento boxes from Sattvii are perfect for school children.

Bento boxes are also an excellent alternative to harmful plastic products for students or professionals. Nobody wants to give their children harmful BPA at school and endanger them at a young age. Do yourself, your environment and our planet a favour.Do without plastic - at least with lunch boxes, because your food comes into contact with pollutants here

The TÜV South South Asia, among others, has confirmed that there is absolutely no plastic in any of our stainless steel boxes. Accordingly, the contents of the box do not come into contact with plastic. So you can rest assured that our products are 100% healthy and eco-friendly. In addition, stainless steel does not alter the taste or smell of the contents of the box. No matter what you want to pack - it stays fresh and tasty.

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