Service & Guarantee

We want to make you happy with our products and guarantee you an uncomplicated shopping experience. With the Sattvii® satisfaction guarantee , you can be sure that you have a contact person with your product, even if something goes wrong.

customer support

If you have any questions about your Sattvii® stainless steel lunch box or accessories, you can always contact our customer support. We will help you quickly and easily with your question or problem.

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3 year manufacturer guarantee

Sattvii® stainless steel lunch boxes are robust and durable products with a very high quality of workmanship. However, sometimes things can go wrong during production. If your product has defects, you can easily have it replaced with a new lunch box within 3 years.

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Free returns

You have received your Sattvii® stainless steel lunch box but you don't like it? Then send it back to us within 14 days with the free return. We will then refund your money immediately.

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