We take it for granted that all of our suppliers uphold the same high ethical values ​​as we do. In order to ensure that our suppliers treat their own employees correctly and appropriately, we have personally checked each and every supplier "through the paces".

To have real peace of mind that our high ethical standards are being met, we are in liaison with our suppliers on orders and communications
constant contact.


In order to be able to guarantee the longevity of our products, we procure the best possible materials for you that we can get.


Of course, Sattvii focuses on happy customers who should be satisfied with our products. So that we never lose sight of this mission, we are ready to implement everything that is necessary.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are happy to help. We would be very happy to support you in any matter.

Our contribution and thanks to society

With the purchase of our sustainable and durable stainless steel bento boxes, we try to inspire people to use less plastic and thus indirectly have a positive impact on us and our environment.

We are also in constant contact with various environmental organizations in order to be able to make a contribution here as well.

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