Are Sattvii lunch boxes leak-proof and leak-proof?

If you are looking for a leak-proof stainless steel lunch box, you should choose our stainless steel meal prep boxes with soft clip (D-Lock) . Thanks to the high-quality seal made of plastic and odor-free silicone (BPA-free), our stainless steel meal prep containers are leak-proof and leak-proof.

For additional security when transporting your groceries, we also recommend our practical fastening straps . With these cheap and practical closure straps, you can easily fix the soft clip closures of your stainless steel lunch box and prevent your lunch box from opening when shaken.

Sealing tape for meal prep boxes

If you only want to transport dips or sauces, you can also use our bento boxes in combination with our mini containers . The mini containers close very tightly with a little pressure and are ideal for transporting food containing liquids safely in your (L-Lock) bento box.

Bento boxes mini containers leak proof