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School enrollment gifts for girls and boys

The big day is upon us! First-year students, parents and relatives: who do you think is more excited? The preparations are in full swing. A party is planned, the school cone is filled. Entering school is a particularly big step. Everything should be right - especially with the gifts!

If you want to avoid the abundance of sweets and give really sustainable gifts, support the child and parents with the right equipment for everyday school life. In addition to pencil cases and the like, lunch boxes and water bottles are important. They are manufactured to a high quality and become a long-lasting companion through school. At Sattvii you will find sparkling specimens that can even be personalized with an engraving!

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Here we go! Find the right gift for the start of school

School enrollment is a busy time: Farewell to kindergarten is imminent, starting school is getting closer and closer. In addition to the candy bag, school bags, gym bags and drawing materials are on the program. The prospective school child is to be honored with gifts.

But what goes well as a gift for school enrolment? Should it be something fun? Or do you prefer something practical? Or maybe you even discover a gift idea that combines both? In any case, the child and its wishes should be the focus. Gifts for the start of school do not have to be temporary, they can also accompany your school child in everyday life.

A pencil case in your favorite color, beautiful colored pencils, a ruler and a pen have a practical use and at the same time arouse enthusiasm in the kids, because they are very curious about new things! With imagination and commitment, you can find an exciting gift for school enrollment for young learners and those who are curious.

Set an example & provide orientation: Give sustainably and consciously!

Entering school is associated with hopes and emotions. Everyone wants the best conditions for their child. This also applies to choosing school enrollment gifts for boys and girls. In addition to the joy and fun that the child should have with them, there are also educational intentions.

Many parents make a conscious decision to choose sustainable clothing and toys. They educate by their own role model and example. Plastic is viewed critically by most. Quality, pleasant materials, durability are preferred over rapid wear. If you live environmentally conscious, you also want to give environmentally conscious and sustainable gifts.

Children experience appreciation and environmental awareness in a very practical way when they work and play with child-friendly, high-quality accessories at school. Enjoying your own equipment is reflected in everyday use. With the refillable pen, which fits perfectly in the hand, learning to write is fun. And a lunch box made of stainless steel is just cool! A healthy breakfast tastes twice as good.

School enrollment gifts for girls

Every child is their own little personality. If you are looking for a gift, you can first orientate yourself on hobbies and preferences. Add your favorite color and you'll find school enrollment gifts for girls that will definitely spark enthusiasm. The offer ranges from little things for the school cone to larger gifts. While gifts for grandma and grandpa can be a bit more lavish, friends and neighbors are reserved for appropriate souvenirs.

is one of the classic little gifts for girls
  • Pens
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Stamp
  • little logic and language games
  • Books for beginning readers
  • Paint box and brush

Greater gifts for girls include
  • Penholder
  • clock
  • Jewellery
  • Tablet in consultation with parents
  • scooter or bicycle

A gift becomes particularly valuable and personal if you have it engraved. In addition, it is then unmistakable and is not so easily lost.

School enrollment gifts for boys

What applies to girls is also crucial when choosing gifts for boys when they start school: the focus is on the child's personality. Is your nephew an avid soccer player? Sneakers, a jersey or a new soccer ball are sure to make a good impression! Is your boy passionate about painting? Colors and drawing pad let him shine!

If gifts for grandma and grandpa are to be something very special, it helps to talk to the parents so that two bicycles don't suddenly appear in front of the front door.
As a neighbor, are you looking for a small gift for boys to take with them when they start school?
  • Paints or paints
  • Books or blocks
  • little games
  • First reading books or puzzle books
  • Friends Book
  • Chalk and little things for the pencil case
a good idea.

Great school enrollment gifts for boys include
  • clock or alarm
  • Science related games
  • Penholder
  • laptop or tablet
  • Bike or scooter with helmet

What do I bring with me? School enrollment gifts for godchild, niece and nephew

With suitable school enrollment gifts for girls and boys, you can promote talent and creativity, develop imagination and arouse curiosity. You also show how unique your new school child is and how happy you are about the start of the new phase of life.

As a godmother, you give your gift special emotional value through personalization. Engraved or embroidered, cuddly pillows, pencil cases or fountain pens get something unique. In addition to the parents, the godmother and godfather have a close relationship with the child and its development. You take responsibility. The gift for starting school can show that.

Healthy nutrition is one of the prerequisites for successful development. In order for pieces of apple, carrots and cucumber slices to be eaten with pleasure, the right lunch box must be found. At Sattvii you will find lunch boxes for children made of stainless steel. They are sturdy and easy to clean. There are lunch boxes with dividers that are especially suitable for small snacks. The silver-colored cans can be closed easily and securely. With an engraved name or initials, a stainless steel bread box becomes the ideal gift for the enrollment of the godchild.

Presents for the enrollment of grandma and grandpa
The grandchild was still in the cradle, come on it to school. Time flies for grandparents and they have to find gifts for grandma and grandpa when they start school. Grandparents in particular want to show their love, live up to their responsibilities and make the little ones starting school very happy.

Some parents prepare a small checklist for large families, because starting school is also a bit of a challenge for the big ones.Which school bag fits best ergonomically, is waterproof and not too heavy? Which pen is best in the hand and where can you get good, ecologically safe colored pencils? The supply of the student during the breaks should not be neglected. Drinking bottles and lunch boxes must be non-toxic and unbreakable. They must also be able to be closed well. Grandparents can help with the selection. Sattvii offers stainless steel lunch boxes in every size!

A lunch box for kids as a gift?

Adults and children see many things from a different perspective. For grown-ups, the question quickly arises: Isn't a lunch box as a gift for the start of school too boring? Children often think more practically: metal boxes are simply cool! The children like the flashing can with its swing top and the food tastes twice as good.

Something can easily fall down in the schoolyard and in the classroom. A metal lunch box survives the crash test. The boxes are available from Sattvii in three different sizes with and without partitions. You can choose to suit the child and hunger. You are then already prepared for the next day of hiking!

Perfect start to school with the best equipment

Spelling cards, slide sticks and a pencil case, your first alarm clock or a new bike make the transition to a new phase of life easier. Especially the things that your protégé needs every day should be lovingly and carefully selected.

This includes the lunch box. While we used to have snacks together in the day care center, a little more personal responsibility is now required. What would be better than a wonderfully shiny children's lunch box that you can even personalize with an engraving? Just have a look at Sattvii and find your school enrollment gifts for girls and boys!

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