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Good service & guarantee

Our products meet the highest quality standards. That's why we offer you 3 years manufacturer's guarantee, free return shipping and permanently available support.

Climate neutral & without CO²

Environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us. That's why we compensate the CO² emissions of our stainless steel lunch boxes with Climate Partner and ship our products with GoGreen DHL.

Health & Quality

Our stainless steel lunch boxes are guaranteed to be free of plastic and BPA. This makes Sattvii stainless steel lunch boxes suitable for children as well as health-conscious young people and adults.

sustainability and fairness

Strong partnerships

A commitment to ethical trading, carbon neutral shipping with GoGreen & fully offsetting our carbon footprint. With our partnerships we are committed to a future worth living in and the preservation of our environment.

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Partnerschaften für nachhaltige Brotdosen aus Edelstahl


our philosophy

We were looking for high-quality stainless steel lunch boxes for our children because we didn't want to transport the food in plastic boxes. As we were very dissatisfied with the selection on all marketplaces, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start a brand with the goal of producing high quality stainless steel lunch boxes that are plastic free.

We wanted to develop a stainless steel lunch box that offers many compartments, as children love to try many different foods. In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, we have had all our models tested for EU LFGB compliance by TÜV South Asia. Only after the products passed all the tests successfully, we launched the products on the Amazon market.

Kid-friendly & soft-close clips

D lock series

We wanted to continue innovating in our product line and decided to develop lunch boxes with toddler-friendly soft clips. The clips should be stable, without sharp edges and have a soft-close mechanism so that the children do not injure their fingers. We took up this challenge and developed the D-Lock concept, which features flexible dividers so that different foods can be transported in one lunch box.

This system is also perfect for on the go. The D-Lock Boxes have also been inspected by TÜV South Asia for LFGB EU Compatibility and with customers' love, we have reached the big milestone of 10,000 highly satisfied customers.

The innovation continues!

Since 2021 we have taken the step of selling our high-quality premium stainless steel lunch boxes in our own online store in order to offer you even better service and to keep you up to date with our latest products.

We have more than 25,000 highly satisfied customers who keep motivating us to innovate further. Please continue to place your trust in us so that we can continue to offer you the best premium stainless steel boxes without plastic!

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Anyone who is often on the go or simply wants to enjoy fresh, home-made food anywhere should rely on a leak-proof stainless steel lunch box from Sattvii. Because with our understanding of quality, 3-year manufacturer's guarantee, fast service and of course the high-quality material from which we manufacture our lunch boxes made of stainless steel, our lunch boxes are an absolute quality product. Even during development, it was important to us to design our products in such a way that they are not only the perfect companion for on the go.

We wanted to design a stainless steel lunch box for children that is perfect as a high-quality stainless steel lunch box for kindergarten, daycare and the like. Because in contrast to stainless steel lunch boxes made of plastic, a stainless steel lunch box has many advantages. Stainless steel is 100% BPA-free, which means no toxic fumes, plastic residue or odors get into the food. A real problem, especially with fresh fruit or vegetables. Fresh fruit in particular often contains citric acid, which slowly dissolves plastic over time.

The microparticles of plastic then detach from the lunchbox and get into the food. Although this is also harmful to the health of adults, it is an absolute no-go, especially with a lunch box made of stainless steel for children with a partition. Since we knew about this problem, it was perfectly clear to us that stainless steel would be the only material that would come into question for a children's lunch box. This is one of the reasons why our stainless steel lunch box is supplied with a silicone lid, a completely harmless material.

But that's not the only advantage of a stainless steel lunch box for children. Because taking home-made food with you in the Jausebox is as sustainable as it can be. Plastic and paper waste is actively avoided, our stainless steel snack box is robust and can last a lifetime if used properly and, once bought, can easily be passed on to the next generation of children, schoolchildren or young people.

You will also receive our stainless steel lunch box with subdivisions. Another advantage of a lunch box made of stainless steel - the subdivision. Because a stainless steel lunch box for children with subdivisions ensures fresh, separate food without odors or tastes mixing with each other. You can find our lunch box made of stainless steel with a divider as a small stainless steel lunch box, a medium stainless steel lunch box and a large stainless steel lunch box in our shop.

If a seal really breaks after years of use, you can buy it together with other accessories in our shop. In short: with Sattvii we have created one of the best stainless steel lunch boxes for kindergarten, school or on the go that can currently be bought. And therefore we are proud.


Stainless steel lunch boxes and bento boxes from Sattvii are the perfect choice if you are looking for a lunch box for the kindergarten. Because stainless steel lunch boxes can sometimes fall down or be hit. The high processing quality of our lunch boxes ensures that you and your child will enjoy your lunch box for a long time.

And sticky leftovers, chewing gum or other stubborn dirt are no problem for your Sattvii lunch box made of stainless steel. Because in contrast to plastic, glass or wooden boxes, all our products are LFGB tested and therefore dishwasher safe.

Rinse it off briefly to protect the dishwasher from clogging and put it in the machine with the stainless steel lunch box.This doesn't have to be an exception either, our lunch boxes are designed for easy handling and durability and can withstand every wash cycle without any problems. After several years of use, you may have to replace your silicone seal. You can easily reorder your replacement silicone seal in our shop without having to dispose of your lunch box right away.

If you haven't used your box for 3 years, our 3-year guarantee applies anyway and we will replace your seal or your entire stainless steel lunch box or stainless steel bento box.


With our soft clip lunch boxes from the D-Lock series, we have developed a leak-proof stainless steel lunch box that can be closed so tightly with our practical fastening strap that it is absolutely leak-proof. Of course, we don't offer the only leak-proof stainless steel lunch box, but we always strive to offer the very best stainless steel lunch box.

That's why we tested extensively after development. One test of our stainless steel lunch box was carrying it in your pocket without a tie, filled with water. After completing our "stainless steel lunch box test" we found that our stainless steel lunch box is leak-proof, and really 100%, but the soft clip closure, which is practical for children, can be accidentally opened when pulled out of the bag or suitcase.

That's why we recommend our practical sealing strap for our stainless steel lunchbox with seal, which fixes the soft clips and thus ensures 100% security. This makes our lunch box made of stainless steel leak-proof, no matter what food you have with you.


With all our products, in addition to sustainability and easy handling for children, the versatility of our lunch boxes is particularly important to us. Our stainless steel lunch boxes can be used as lunch boxes for school as well as practical meal prep boxes. Because thanks to our mini containers and the leak-proof seal of our lunch boxes, they are ideal for preparing meal preparation dishes at home and for mixing and enjoying at work, school or in the gym.

With our practical dividers, food can also be easily separated without food getting mixed up. In addition, it is much easier to prepare a delicious snack in a stainless steel lunch box with compartments if you don't have to worry about everything flying around in the lunch box. Our dividers give food support and can also be used to easily turn one of our large lunch boxes into two small ones. Simply insert the subdivision, move it to the desired size and you're done.

Our products are not only in demand as meal prep boxes, our bento boxes made of stainless steel (L-Lock) are particularly popular among meal prepers. Because our bento boxes are stackable and close very tightly thanks to the L-Lock closure. For foods with a high moisture content, we recommend our stainless steel lunch boxes, as they have a leak-proof seal, but our stainless steel bento boxes are ideal for bread, biscuits and similar foods.