Health & Quality

Sattvii® stainless steel lunch boxes are particularly popular for their high quality. Because we follow internationally recognized quality standards both when selecting our raw materials and when processing them. But the Sattvii® quality promise also includes not using plastic and BPA, climate neutrality and the longevity of our products.

Certified quality

The high quality of our stainless steel lunch boxes has been certified by TÜV and provided with an LFGB certificate. So you can be sure that you are getting a premium quality product.

Plastic free & BPA free

Plastic and BPA do not belong in food or in the seals of lunch boxes. That's why Sattvii® stainless steel lunch boxes are made with plastic-free and biodegradable silicone seals.

Everything about silicone seals


Sattvii® stainless steel lunch boxes have been developed as a robust and durable product that will accompany you for many years. And even if the seals have to be changed after a few years, you don't have to replace your whole lunch box, you can easily order replacement seals for all our products in our shop.

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