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Together we save the environment

Nowadays, the topic of environment and sustainability is more present than ever. Awareness of this has been growing for a few years and is occupying more and more people on our planet. And that's good!

The children's lunch box is a good sign. With the help of our plastic-free stainless steel lunch boxes we also want to make a positive contribution to our planet.

Let's all pull together - this is how we can achieve great things. Even if it sometimes doesn't seem so. We must not give up hope.

And that's why in today's blog post we're giving you a few helpful tips on how we can use the Environment protect and our planet together something good can do.

Let's go!

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Topic nutrition

How conscious or mindful do you really shop? Unfortunately, how much of the purchase ends up in the garbage because it has gone bad or the best-before date has passed.

For comparison: in an Austrian household, for example, per year up to 133 kilogram < fall t9>food waste. But quite a lot, right? For hearing from most people, “Waste of food? Not for me!”

The cultivation, storage and transport of our food. All of this requires energy and therefore greenhouse gases are also produced. Be aware that every kilogram of food you throw away affects our nature and our climate additional and unnecessary burden.

We should definitely make sure to use our resources carefully and try to buy more with foresight. This is the only way we can make a successful contribution to a sustainable society.

Did you know that meat and dairy products about two thirds food-related greenhouse gas emissions account for?

So please make sure to eat vegetables and fruit regularly. Should the lunch box be for kindergarten or for school? It doesn't matter - thanks to the Bento principle, a wide variety of meals can be transported very easily.

Have a look at our toddler-friendly lunch boxes for school. Thanks to the soft clip closure, children can easily open them.
The guiding principle "regional-seasonal-fairtrade" also offers good guidance on the subject of nutrition -biological”.

Even if some of these foods can be more expensive than non-organic products, we still recommend that you choose regional organic products in the supermarket.

Organic agriculture is simply more resource-friendly and significantly environmentally friendly in contrast to conventional agriculture.

Pay attention to the organic seal for fish and meat.

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Topic garbage

The environmental organization WWF also recommends: reusable no disposable!

This applies to both bottles and lunch boxes.We recommend that you and your family switch to stainless steel lunch boxes and reusable drinking bottles for health reasons alone and for the sake of the environment

Unsure? Feel free to visit our purchasing advisor! There you will find all the information you need about our lunch boxes.

Waste separation - Germany is known for this organized system. Since the system is already in place, we just need to know how to use it properly. Organic waste, aluminium, old glass, paper and plastics can be valuable raw materials if properly separated.

So please make sure you dispose of your waste correctly - this is the only way it can be processed further. The same applies to clothing and furniture. Sell ​​or give them away to friends and acquaintances instead of throwing them away.

In connection with the previous paragraph, it should be mentioned that the production of things and the associated transport also consume greenhouse gases.

So maybe consider a little more money and invest in a high-quality product right away, instead of buying cheap and having to buy twice.

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Mobility topic

Yes, there may already be one or the other in your circle of acquaintances who drives an electric car, for example. But did you know that every second drive is shorter than two kilometers? So get on the bike! Or a short walk together with the family.

If you use public transport, you can save yourself a possible traffic jam and the (usually) stressful search for a parking space.

Are you considering buying an electric or fuel-efficient car? Gladly, but if possible pay attention to suitable tire pressure and a pleasant driving style - this alone often saves fuel and thus money.

If it's available in your area, then feel free to use Carsharing offers or Carpooling. These are now available almost everywhere and thus relieve the environment as well as your wallet. Just have a look on the Internet for platforms or ask your neighbors.

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Home topic

You must have thrown away things like old lightbulbs from your household by now. If not, we definitely recommend the use of LED lamps as well as electrical devices of all kinds with the highest possible energy efficiency class.

Another tip: Also make sure that you waive the standby mode on your devices. Simply plug into a power strip with an on/off switch. So you can quickly switch your devices on and off.

And in the kitchen? It is best to cook with a lid, do not heat the water on the hob, but if possible in the kettle and use the stove instead of the oven.

Which electricity provider do you use? There are now numerous internet platforms such as,, or And these are just a few of many.

We definitely recommend green electricity, as it is 100% from renewable energy sources such as water, sun, wind or biomass comes.

What other options are there for energy-efficient living? In winter, for example, you should make sure to open the windows completely - i.e. intermittent airing This type of airing is good for you at this time of year Air exchange with a very low heat loss and is therefore most efficient.

In summer, for example, outside blinds help you make your living spaces pleasantly without power-sucking air conditioning to keep cool. If you move, it is useful to pay attention to the energy certificate of the new property and to use energy advice.

Glühbirnen hängend

Theme of travel

The closer you are to your travel destination, the lower is the energy consumption and the emission of emissions. It doesn't always have to be Asia or America - Germany offers great neighbouring countries such as Austria, France or Belgium numerous places worth seeing that you can visit in a relaxed manner without having to have a bad conscience.

If you have decided to travel within Europe, you can use ecological train journeys to get around. With the train you avoid being stuck in traffic for hours and still have a certain degree of comfort for you and your family.

Inform yourself about a certain environmental awareness or an environmental label from the provider of your chosen accommodation. Do you support the locals and their country with your tourism? If so - great!

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Consumption topic

Thanks to the internet, you don't have to buy everything you need for a certain amount of time. Be it a drill, a car or a grill - thanks to a wide variety of platforms such as, you can easily borrow these things. This saves you space and money, and your behavior conserves important resources.

at the same time

We hope that we were able to help you and are ready to answer any further questions you may have. If you still need help outside contact us at any time!

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