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Tips for a healthy breakfast for children

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Here we draw energy for the day. Unfortunately, mornings are not always as relaxed as one would like.

The children don't want to get dressed, you've misplaced the car keys and the school bus pulls away in front of you. It can happen that you get used to either not eating anything in the morning or just a quick snack. A balanced and healthy breakfast is very important for children.

Frühstück von oben

But don't panic, with the right ingredients it is possible to conjure up a nice breakfast for you and the children. You either eat it at home or take it to kindergarten or school. Conveniently, with our leak-proof lunch box of the D-Lock series it's no problem at all for liquid ingredients such as yoghurt or pack Quark for on the go.

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Why breakfast?

As already mentioned, breakfast is so important because our body's carbohydrate stores are depleted overnight. These have to be filled up again as quickly as possible in order to be able to tackle the coming day well. If our energy store is full again in the form of enough calories, we increase our concentration and performance. And of course that of our children.

By the way, science also proves that schoolchildren with breakfast perform better than children without breakfast. In addition, a balanced breakfast provides important nutrients that prevent cravings for sweets and unhealthy snacks.

Another important point of having breakfast together regularly: Everyday life or the start of the day has structure and thus brings routine that gives the children a feeling of safety and stability conveyed.

Frühstück Draufsicht

What for breakfast?

I think we all agree that breakfast should be fresh and balanced at best.

But which ingredients are best for this?

We recommend the following individual ingredients, which can be easily combined:

  • Whole grain - i.e. bread, muesli
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables - preferably seasonal
  • various dairy products such as cheese, milk, yoghurt or quark
  • enough liquid, i.e. water, tea or juice mixed with water

If you combine the ingredients just mentioned, you can be absolutely sure that your child gets enough energy for the day. You don't have to worry about safe transport. As already mentioned, thanks to the leak-proof sealing ring made of silicone, it is also possible to transport liquid food in our D-Lock series.

It is important: The fewer additives in the food, the better. It's also great if a product has been processed very little or not at all.

Sugar should of course also be avoided as much as possible. Although this causes the blood sugar level to rise for a short time, it also falls again just as quickly as it rises. This means that your child will quickly become tired and lethargic again.

This also increases the risk, for example, that your offspring will suddenly get hungry again and quickly reach for unhealthy snacks. Sweets can not be a problem from time to time, but should by no means become the norm.

Mutter und Kind beim Frühstück

Why grain?

Cereals are important because they form the basis for a good breakfast. Whole grain is the keyword here! The complex carbohydrates in whole grains help to slowly increase blood sugar and thus provide energy over a longer period of time. The whole grain also contains enough nutrients to start the day healthy.

Variety in the choice of grain is good for you and your child. Feel free to switch between the different varieties. For example, choose between wheat, rye or spelt. If you pack muesli or oat flakes in the bread box, make sure that they are without sugar.

Why fruits and vegetables?

Fruit and vegetables satiate constantly, as they provide valuable fiber. They also contain many vitamins and minerals. If you put some apple and broccoli or carrots in the bento box, your child's meal will look much more exciting and it will be more motivated to eat. If you take seasonal fruit or vegetables, you also pay attention to sustainability as an important factor.

"What if my child doesn't want to eat breakfast?"

Sometimes you just can't get anything down in the morning. That's fine. The most important thing is that you never force your child to eat if they don't have an appetite. A glass of milk or fresh juice is enough if you don't even eat a banana or some yoghurt.

And this is where our stainless steel boxes come into play again. Depending on the size of the meal, you can vary freely.

The second breakfast, whether at daycare or school, should therefore be sufficient and healthy.

We offer the D-Lock lunch box in sizes 550 ml, 780 ml and 1280 ml.

This series is more suitable for toddlers.

The L-Lock series is not leak-proof and therefore more suitable for adults.

They come in the following sizes:




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We hope we were able to give you a good overview of breakfast.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time here.

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