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Stainless steel Bento Box and Ergobag - made for each other

The constantly growing trend of ergobags can hardly be stopped. Just as our lunch boxes are a reliable companion in everyday school life, they complement the ergonomic school bags so much. In this blog post, we explain why both article groups fit together like a glove.

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What is Ergobag?

It can be infinitely adjusted in height. That means in plain language - the Ergobag satchel adapts to the body size of your youngest and is very comfortable to carry. It doesn't matter if you're just starting school or fourth graders. The Ergobag school backpack adapts to all growth phases of children up to a height of 1.50 m. As the name suggests, the ergonomically correct satchels are easy on children's backs and thus ensure healthy growth.

Fond Of GmbH maintains a similar company credo as we do at Sattvii. The top priority is sustainability, environmental protection and your own health.

Sustainability and environment

Awarded by the independent Fair Wear Foundation, the makers of ergobag attach incredible importance to sustainability, fair contracts and environmentally friendly production. The bags are made from recycled PET bottles. This company philosophy is also adopted by Sattvii. In our organizational and production steps, we do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and to produce fairly.

Our Brotzeit Bento Box made of stainless steel has a clear environmental advantage compared to plastic lunch boxes. The plastic boxes have to be replaced regularly, whereas our lunch boxes are much more durable.

For the sake of health

Children grow very quickly and almost all the time. Very often, improper handling of cheap backpacks is responsible for serious spinal damage that students often struggle with for years to come. This is a thing of the past with the ergobag. A System was devised, with which the school bags adapt ergonomically correctly to the back and promote healthy growth.

The harmful aspect of plastic lunch boxes is often underestimated. This affects, among other things, the endocrine system in humans. Due to its weak estrogenic effect, it was even used temporarily for hormone therapy.

The stainless steel boxes from our Shop are proven to be free of harmful chemicals. This property will be noticeable in the long term in the development of your offspring.

Intelligent clearing away

Almost nobody gives much thought to how their own school bag can be stored in the most sensible way. However, there are a few points that can quickly be made wrong.

Heavy objects such as books and notebooks should be put away at the back. Accordingly, lighter school equipment finds its place further forward. This guarantees optimal weight distribution.

The lunch box feels most comfortable in the middle at the bottom of the backpack. In this way, the can is firmly clamped. This reduces vibration and does not mix the contents of the cans.

It is recommended to always pack your school stuff the evening before. In this way, thoughts can be sorted in peace so that you really only take with you what is definitely needed.

If you have any further questions, you can reach us on social media and all other channels. For questions about ergobag, it is best to send a message to service@ergobag.com

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