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The future of our beautiful earth is in jeopardy. And not just since yesterday. Plastic blights the world's oceans, BPA is bad for our health - and we need to wake up. As a sustainable brand, Sattvii is committed to using less plastic and more stainless steel. That's why we're proud to present you our 100% stainless steel bento boxes and thus take an important step towards sustainability, the environment and health.

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Nachhaltige Brotzeitboxen von Sattvii

Why plastic is so bad for the environment

In 2015, 406 million tons of plastic were produced. The sad prognosis: In less than 30 years, almost every species of seabird in the world will eat plastic - and die from it. We all know the horrifying images when sea creatures eat too much plastic and die from it. But plastic is not only a problem for the oceans and their people. Out of 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste, only 9% is recycled. Even plastic lunch boxes no longer do their job and will eventually be thrown away. At the latest when they are too often in the dishwasher and finally deformed.

Sustainability is unfortunately still a foreign word for many people. Over 40% of all plastics are used only once and then thrown away. This creates too much junk that doesn't get recycled.
Plastic is also harmful to the human body. The bisphenol A (BPA) contained in almost every plastic product attacks human cells and has a negative effect on fertility, among other things. In short: the chemical substance attacks our hormones and settles in the body for a long time. Too much BPA in the body means poisoning that the body can no longer remove. The plasticizers attack our genes and can cause serious changes. From the immune system to the brain, the pollutants affect every cell in our body.

More frightening facts that give rise to trade:

  • Every German generates more than 600kg of waste - per year!
  • In 2016 Germany consumed almost 12 million tons of plastic
  • Prognosis: Another 34 billion tons of plastic will be produced by 2050!
  • Many plastic products are only used for an average of 5 minutes - before they are thrown away!

Müll vermeiden mit Sattvii

Why recycling is so important - and what we can do about it

Just under 9% of plastic waste is recycled. Recycling is an incredibly important step on the way to sustainable living and a healthy environment. The best alternative, however, is not to rely on plastic products in the first place. Because even during the production of the plastic items, substances that are harmful to the environment and health are released that cannot be recycled.

In the production of our stainless steel boxes, on the other hand, we pay attention to fair production - we are from first to last step completely sustainable and environmentally conscious.
Now the question arises as to what individuals can do to increase recycling. The answer is obvious: buy fewer plastic products. Even if the products are recycled after use, they are still not the best solution for our beautiful environment. We are all the more proud to be able to present you our bento boxes made of stainless steel. All our products can be reused any number of times and therefore do not even have to be recycled. When they do become obsolete, the disposal of stainless steel is much more harmless than that of plastic.

We all know the horrific images when a turtle's stomach is pumped full of plastic because the plastic wasn't disposed of properly.
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