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Bento boxes for kids

Bento boxes are equally popular with children and adults. Because in these lunch boxes with compartments, different foods can be easily transported without mixing them up. This offers parents the opportunity to try out creative bento recipes and the offspring are of course happy about unusual meals at school or in kindergarten.

In this article we present our bento boxes made of stainless steel for children, give you helpful tips on how to fill a bento box for children and of course link you to our products.

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Kinder Bento Boxen

Why should a bento box for kids be made of stainless steel?

The advantage of a bento box lunch box is very clear for children - stainless steel lunch boxes contain no plastic or harmful BPA. We wrote a long article about this, but to keep it short: plastic evaporates over time and toxic ingredients like phthalates, BPA etc. get into the food. This is a real long-term risk for children and is associated with developmental disorders and reduced fertility in adolescence.

So if you want to buy a bento box for children, you should make sure that your children's lunch box is free of plastic and petroleum-based ingredients. You're also doing the environment a big favour, because our stainless steel bento boxes last forever and don't have to be disposed of and bought new every few years.

That speaks for a stainless steel bento box:

  • BPA free & without plastic
  • Warm up the food in the oven
  • Waste avoidance thanks to long durability
  • Always fresh food
  • Compartments & subdivisions ensure more variety

Which bento boxes are there at Sattvii®?

We have two different lunch boxes that are suitable for children, soft clip & hard clip boxes. Softclip is already suitable for children in kindergarten, while the Hardclip boxes are more suitable for older children (from 6 years) at school.

Stainless steel soft clip lunch box for children

  • Easy to open locking system
  • Leakproof & leakproof
  • Customizable dividers

Edelstahl Lunchbox für Kinder

Hard clip bento box for kids

  • Tightly locked closure system (for children from 6 years)
  • Food completely separate thanks to the stackable system
  • Mini containers available

Bento Box für KinderBoth systems have their own advantages. You can buy both systems in three different sizes, i.e. small, medium and large bento boxes and lunch boxes, for every use.

Bento box ideas for kids

So that you don't just have to take bread to school with your bento box, we have created some bento recipes for you that you can use to prepare delicious surprises very easily and with foods that can be found in every household can.

Bento Rezepte für Kinder

Just take a look and convince yourself of our bento box kids recipes.

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