EcoSafe seals from Sattvii®

EcoSafe seals from Sattvii® are sustainable, plastic-free and biodegradable . As the starting material for our plastic-free seals, we use silicone that is harmless to health and plastic-free.

When we hear the term silicone, many of us instinctively think of a petroleum-based plastic from which seals for windows, doors and containers are made. But that is wrong! Silicone is not plastic.

This is what differentiates silicone from plastic

Silicone is made up of silicon atoms and Oxygen atoms which are artificially connected to each other, but are essentially two naturally occurring raw materials. As a result, silicone has unique advantages that clearly distinguish it from plastic:

  • Silicone does not evaporate
  • Silicone is free of plastic and petroleum (of course BPA free)
  • Silicone is tasteless
  • Silicone is durable and strong
  • Silicone is harmless to health
  • Silicone degrades much faster than plastic
  • Silicone can be broken down by microbes

This makes it clear why we use silicone for our seals instead of the much cheaper plastic seals. This is the only way we can achieve a long-lasting, sustainable and non-hazardous overall product.