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Why environmental protection is more important than ever

The issue of sustainability affects us all. Not only companies have to pay more attention to environmentally friendly production, because the topic is also becoming more and more important in everyday life. However, if you thought that you first have to invest a lot of money in order to really make a difference, you are wrong. The topic of environmental protection starts with the little things, in our everyday lives.

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We prevent natural disasters by protecting the environment

The more forests are cut down, the more the climate changes. This has to do with the CO2 balance: if there are fewer trees, then less CO2 can be converted. Periods of drought, forest fires, overheating and hurricanes are the direct consequences of deforestation.

Furthermore, deforestation has other decisive disadvantages, because the animals are also losing more and more of their natural habitat. Biodiversity is being lost and endangered species may even become extinct. Not to mention that soil fertility is also suffering and that climate change is progressing by the day.

Fortunately, there are already some laws that make environmental protection more or less mandatory in some areas. Although they are far from enough for us to be able to speak of a sustainable world, they are at least a step in the right direction.

If it weren't for the protection of the environment and people doing the work, more important plant and animal species would become extinct every day. We should protect our environment not only to do something for the biodiversity on our planet, because we humans also suffer significantly from the effects of environmental pollution.

Plastic waste in the oceans and climate change are also important reasons that should make us think.

So if we want to leave a clean world for the next generation, we urgently need to do something about it. Otherwise, of course, our descendants will also be stuck with it and have to bear the consequences caused by today's society.

Through environmental protection, we ensure better coexistence

By protecting the environment, we also act responsibly. It starts with the fact that many new jobs can be created as a result, which can counteract poverty. The more the issue of environmental protection gains public attention, the more people get the chance to get involved professionally.

Even if you look at the current resource consumption, you have every reason to be concerned. According to calculations, if everyone in the world was so wasteful with resources, we would need at least three earths to be able to satisfy everyone.

Protecting the environment also means acting in a resource-saving manner. With this we do something for the people around us, for the animals and ensure better togetherness. Children and grandchildren can also take an example from this, because this way we create a better role model.

What can you actively do to protect the environment?

Environmental protection and sustainability start in everyday life. For goods that are used on a daily basis, you should always look at the manufacturing method beforehand.If it is done in a particularly environmentally friendly way, then you can be sure that you are acting responsibly, unlike many other people

The best option is still to get actively involved in an environmental protection organization. The whole thing does not necessarily have to be very time-consuming and expensive, because there is also the opportunity to participate in great projects with just a few hours. The more supporters this topic has, the more it gets into politics.

Even if you think you can't do much on your own, it's amazing how much you can change as an individual. Through your commitment, you can inspire other people for the topic of environmental protection, and even if this only creates a small group, a big step has already been taken.

There are even a lot of helpful tips for everyday life. When shopping, for example, you can make sure that you choose regional, unpackaged products as much as possible. Even if it has to be the trip to the supermarket, you can of course use a fabric bag instead of buying a plastic bag at the checkout.

Plastic straws? No thank you! Alternatively, you can of course consciously opt for the metal version. Because it's reusable and saves the world quite a bit of waste.

When it comes to environmental protection, we have other exciting tips in store: By registering yourself in the so-called "Robinson list", you expressly tell advertisers that you want to do without letterbox advertising. In this way you not only avoid the annoying information brochures and flyers, but also contribute to the fact that less of them are printed. The note "Advertising, no thanks" on the mailbox ensures that the advertising companies register a decline and thus carry less advertising waste into the world.

We admit it: While constantly looking after the environment can be a bit exhausting at first, it is definitely worth it. Over time, this will also become second nature to you and you will have to think less and less because you are already intuitively acting in an environmentally friendly manner.

Instead of turning up the heating in winter and leaving the window open, you can, for example, rely on forced ventilation. This ensures that the air is distributed throughout the room instead of being transported directly outside by the heater.

In the summer, on the other hand, you can use a stainless steel box for your food instead of using a plastic plate every time.

Protecting the environment can be easy, even in the kitchen! Instead of relying on fast food, you can opt for a healthy meal. However, if you're struggling to eat healthier, meal prepping might be just the thing for you. Essentially, it's about preparing meals correctly in order to get through the day actively and fit. Eating healthy doesn't always have to be exhausting! You alone decide what you eat.

For example, our lunch box made of stainless steel does not contain any plastic. So if you want to take care of yourself and the environment, we recommend our Meal Prep Box, after all the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

That's what we do at Sattvii

We at Sattvii also take the issue of environmental protection very seriously. With the help of our Meal - Prep boxes and containers you can not only eat healthier and more consciously, but you also contribute a little to the environment at the same time.

Among other things, we completely avoid using plastic and instead use meal prep containers made of stainless steel. We know that that plastic has a significant impact on the environment.

Every year around 400 million tons of plastic waste are produced worldwide. A significant proportion of this ends up in the sea and pollutes it from year to year, and the trend is increasing.

Did you know, for example, that there are around 17,500 pieces of plastic in one square kilometer of sea? A significant portion of this sinks to the bottom, costing the lives of many sea creatures who cannot help it. The plastic settles there in the internal organs of the animals, so that they often become clogged.

Sadly, plastic doesn't biodegrade very well in the environment and therefore breaks down very slowly. However, when this happens, through exposure to sunlight or salt water, it breaks up into many small pieces, which in turn are also ingested by the animals.

If you want to make a small contribution to this, you should avoid plastic in everyday life whenever possible.

At Sattvii we stand for responsible cooperation. By purchasing one of our Meal Prep Boxes Metal or Meal Prep Boxes Stainless Steel , you actively avoid using plastic.

Our boxes are guaranteed BPA free

Bisphentol A is a substance that can leach out of plastic fairly easily. However, heating or improper processing can cause the fabric to separate from the polycarbonate and cause serious damage. It primarily affects the endocrine system.

With our metal boxes, we avoid using plastic and rely on materials that are free of harmful substances. Similar to glass food storage containers, our stainless steel boxes also have no plastic and contribute to a BPA-free lifestyle. The bento boxes in our range offer you an alternative if you want to do without the highly harmful substance.

The Lunchbox Bento has separate compartments. You can use it to separate sauces, different dishes and individual ingredients from each other. Extremely practical? We think so too! The boxes are also perfect for to go, for travel, for work or at home.

We would be delighted if you put your trust in Sattvii and ordered a box from us. We hope that you were able to take some exciting tips with you and that you can contribute a little bit to a better world by protecting the environment. We're not the saviors of the world either, but with our boxes you can at least be sure that the environment doesn't have to suffer.

Maybe you too will choose a lunch box? Enjoy your meal, your team from Sattvii.

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