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That's why a lunch box is a great Christmas gift

Christmas is just around the corner and, like every year, people are busy looking for creative gift ideas for friends and family. But what if you decided to give a simple gift this year. A gift that makes you happy for a long time, never breaks and encourages you to eat healthier?

What is meant is a stainless steel lunch box from Sattvii®, which is virtually indestructible due to the high-quality workmanship and will last a lifetime. Because that way the recipient stays happy for a long time and, what's more, the environment is not polluted by waste or CO². Because Sattvii® lunch boxes are completely CO² compensated.

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3 reasons why you should give away a lunch box for Christmas

Stainless steel lunch boxes from Sattvii® last extremely long, are produced sustainably and are delivered CO² neutral. But there are many more reasons why our lunch boxes are such a great gift idea.


An attractive lunch box encourages people to prepare food rather than eat fast food. A French study of 40,000 adults from 2017 concludes that prepared food leads to a healthier diet and a reduced risk of obesity.

Especially when you really love someone, this should be a convincing argument that lunch boxes are a real gift from the heart. (literally good for the heart)


I'm sure you've often received Christmas presents that you didn't understand at all. Welcome to the club, that's probably how most people feel. Of course you should think about who you give a Lunchbox to. But anyone who travels a lot can do something with a lunch box, whether in the office, at the lake or during sports.

Don't give away a gift that just gathers dust in some closet, but a cool gift with real added value.

Überall lecker und gesund Essen mit Sattvii Lunchboxen


As you have already read above, the CO² emissions of our lunch boxes are completely offset by Climate Partner. This means that the complete carbon emissions are offset by renaturation and afforestation projects. Of course, this also applies to the shipping of our products.

Added to this is the long service life of our lunch boxes and the no plastic and BPA. Instead of producing plastic waste with every meal, with our products you can enjoy fresh meals for the rest of your life without having to throw anything away.

Natur die wir durch CO2 Kompensation schützen

Also as a Christmas present for children

A cool lunch box is also a hit with children. Because at school and in kindergarten, video games and other toys usually have to stay at home, but not the lunch box. In a way, lunch boxes are something of a status symbol, especially in elementary school. The simple design of the Sattvii® lunch boxes, together with the almost indestructible quality, ensure that your child will enjoy their lunch for a long time.

Instead of a boring box with a few sandwiches, you can make your offspring happy all year round with a lovingly packed snack box. With our bento recipes you can conjure up exciting dishes with very simple ingredients. which are sure to make eyes wide open at school and in kindergarten.

Immer leckeres und gesundes Essen mit Edelstahl Lunchboxen von Sattvii

But that's not all, because our lunch boxes also offer many great advantages for parents.because our lunch boxes are dishwasher-safe so that you can do it quickly every day, suitable for the oven if something is left over and of course BPA & plastic-free, because we don't compromise on the protection of children

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