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Differences between lunch and bread boxes for children

And why is this important? Bread box, bento box, lunch box, snack box - so many different terms, but it really only means one thing. A suitable container for transporting your child's lunch.

But what do the individual words actually mean and what exactly is the difference between a lunch box and a lunch box? Or is there one at all? If you've ever wondered that, you've come to the right place with today's post.

In today's post we will explain what you should consider when buying a lunch box, what type of box is best suited for you or your child and what the differences are.

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First of all, you should be clear about what you need the box for. Would you like to give your child a large and hearty meal? Or is it enough to pack a little fruit and nuts for the kindergarten, because there is already a corresponding lunch offer there. Or does your little one still go to school and needs something tasty for the breaks?

Of course there should still be enough space in the backpack for school supplies and an umbrella. This means the size of the box also plays a crucial role.

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Lunch box or lunch box - what's the difference?

As already mentioned, at first glance one could think that it is just another word for one and the same term. The similarities are obvious - you transport food from A to B and want it to get there safely. Also related to these terms are Meal Prep Boxes. But if we go into the details, it is noticeable that we have different product groups here.

The lunch box

Commercially available bread boxes usually consist of two halves that are inserted into each other. This results in a simple container that you can use to transport snacks such as spread bread or fruit. Manufactured according to this principle, we offer our L-Lock series in the shop.

Fortunately, we have now arrived in an age in which people are paying more and more attention to their diet. We find that more than good and do nothing better than to support this positive way of life. However, not everyone changes their diet because of their personal attitude. There are now more and more people who have allergies and food intolerances have developed.

Regardless of the initial situation that prompts you to buy a new bread box for you or your child - it will always help to transport a wide variety of groceries and thanks to the box-in-box principle, both Take sweet and salty food together.

Now we come to a small shortcoming with these boxes. Unfortunately, the L-Lock range is not leak proof. You should therefore pay attention to this point when making a purchase. This type of box may then be more suitable for dry food, such as nuts or broccoli.

You get the L-Lock series in sizes 800 ml, 1150 ml and 1690 ml.

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Lunch box orBento Box

In contrast to lunch boxes, a lunch box is intended more for taking wholesome meals. That means you have the option of giving your child a great portion of pasta, for example to give the day before.

If you take the box with you to work, thanks to the stainless steel material, you have the option of heating your food in a water bath for your lunch break, since stainless steel is not suitable for microwave use .

Thanks to the insertable dividers, rice, for example, can be easily transported separately from the salad and you don't have to make any compromises or worry about the food getting mixed up and the consistency being retained. Your child will receive a beautifully prepared meal when you open it and will have much more motivation to eat it all up.

The D-Lock series also has the advantage that it is leakproof is. That means no nasty surprises - the backpack stays dry. You get this lunch box series in different sizes. We offer these in our shop with a capacity of 550 ml, 780 ml and 1280 ml.

When it comes to cleaning, you don't have to compromise on either of the D-Lock and L-Lock models. They can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. For longer durability, however, we also recommend cleaning by hand. Simply hold under warm or cold water and clean with a little washing-up liquid.

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Now that you know exactly what the difference is between the different types of snack boxes, we hope you have fun choosing and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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