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Stainless steel lunch boxes for children with divider

Once upon a time there was a box in which you packed a sandwich for breakfast at work, at school or for kindergarten. What if it was a can? Many of you still remember well that your breakfast sandwiches were wrapped in greaseproof paper, cellophane or aluminum foil.

If you think a little practically and sustainably, you have said goodbye to disposable packaging for a long time. And the run-of-the-mill cans have now become bread boxes, snack boxes, lunch boxes or lunch boxes. They are made of different materials, in different sizes, with different fasteners.

No matter what it is called, whether it is made of stainless steel, plastic or glass and what it looks like - the lunch box has become an integral and important part of our children's lives. The break in kindergarten is a ritual, as is opening and unpacking your own lunch box. And then hopefully the food too!

Our children enjoy these things when they get a varied, healthy and tasty-looking breakfast. When it is best presented in a chic stainless steel lunch box with dividers appetizing and clean. A little highlight for every child. And by the way, it really recharges its batteries so that it can paint, do handicrafts or play and romp in a concentrated manner.

Children need energy. We parents can deliver them to them - with a little effort, imagination and the right lunch boxes.

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Which lunch box is the right one?

In order to be able to filter the right can from the complex range, you should be clear about it...

... what would you like to give your child for breakfast

... get fed up with it too

... how can I pack the food well

... my child gets along well with it

... the bag or backpack stays dry

... the can is easy to clean

... it is environmentally friendly, sustainable

... what would you like to give your child for breakfast

What we adults like, our children don't like by a long shot. So it can't do any harm to ask your offspring what they have an appetite for. Sometimes something is "in" in kindergarten.

Sure - forever bread with sausage or cheese is boring and not really healthy. For our children, the complete range of bread, vegetables, fruit and dairy products belongs in a lunch box. As a rule of thumb, it has emerged that at least half of the lunch box should be fruit and raw vegetables.

... it gets fed up too

Anyone who has already had a hearty breakfast at home only needs a little something before lunch. Sometimes a little fruit and veg is enough. Others urgently need a proper energy supply in between. Apart from fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese cubes or small sausage skewers are popular here.

The size of the lunch box should be accordingly. Volumes of 500 to 1000 ml are recommended. Of course, there must be enough space for your child's snack in the lunch box. But the biggest lunch box is not always the best. It becomes too heavy, too bulky, takes up unnecessary space in the backpack (if it even fits in it at all) and everything flies in the lunch box.

In addition to the right volume, skillful division is the key. Flexible partitions are the simplest but most effective solution.

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... how can I pack this well

The bright eyes of children when the lunch box is opened and everything is to their liking - priceless Yes, it takes a little more time and imagination to conjure up a balanced and healthy snack thana piece of bread without love to smear. Ask kindergarten teachers what they see in their protégés’ lunch boxes every day. An effort that is worthwhile. Otherwise, and you probably know that, half will come back.

This delicious and varied snack only works if there is order in the lunch box. The practical solution: dividers that can be used variably. This makes it possible to transport different components of the snack in one and the same can. Without everything getting mixed up and looking unappetizing. In this way you separate bread from vegetables, sweet from salty, juicy from dry.

By the way: The idea of ​​storing the food (bento 弁当) separately in a box is not new. This was already done in Japan in the 15th century. Hence the term "Bento Box".

The moveable dividers, like in the D-Lock Bento Box, allow you to move them as you wish or leave them out entirely. The D-Lock Bento Box is available in three sizes with a capacity of 550 ml, 780 ml and 1280 ml.

So you have either a large lunch box or one with compartments in all sizes and can easily meet all needs of your child.

... my child gets along well with it

What use is the best snack if your child can't get it right. The D-Lock boxes made of stainless steel are extremely easy to open with their clamp fasteners. Clamping on the clamp closure excluded. Your child will find the deliciously prepared snack neatly arranged.

Kind mit Rucksack

... the bag or backpack stays dry

The D-Lock series is the most practical option for safely transporting your snack. Whether in a backpack or in your pocket. Thanks to an effective sealing system, the stable stainless steel lunch boxes are absolutely leak-proof. No sharp corners or edges and the variable sizes so that the box can be stowed almost anywhere complete the package.

... it is easy to clean

Thanks to the hard-wearing material, the stainless steel lunch box and the dividers are very easy to clean.

Remove any residue and then rinse the can thoroughly under running water with a little washing-up liquid. The high-quality material can be dried quickly and is ready for the next use after just a few minutes.

All of our lunch boxes are of course also suitable for the dishwasher. However, we recommend manual cleaning. This is the only way to achieve the best possible durability and keep your D-Lock can well cared for.

... it is environmentally friendly, sustainable

The D-Lock Bento Box made of stainless steel with its partitions is the ideal container for your personal zero waste lifestyle. Not only are they designed for a long service life, they can also be completely recycled and thus reused. Stainless steel leaves no footprints in the ecosystem.

The stainless steel lunch box is the perfect alternative to the classic plastic box for both people and nature - without having to forego quality.


Stainless steel lunch boxes with dividers are made simply for kids and kids love them. They're practical, easy to use and sustainable. The healthy snack experiences a healthy storage.

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