We are the Repakula family and Sattvii is our joint project to leave our children a healthier diet and a more sustainable environment.



I take care of all issues related to the product, quality, design and procurement. In my role as a mother, I am highly motivated to always provide my children with healthy and nutritious meals. Of course, I also use our lunch boxes in everyday life and therefore have the opportunity at any time to perceive changes in terms of design, handling or any other qualities and to pass them on to our manufacturers.


I handle all matters related to strategy, finance, customer support and execution. I am an absolute nature lover and would be really happy to create a sustainable and pure environment for our children. Striving for good quality and sustainable products on the market is a matter of course for me.

The story behind the idea

our history

As the father of a child, I am naturally interested in feeding it healthily. One day my wife and I decided to take our one-year-old son to the park and packed some fruit in a standard plastic lunch box for a snack. Although our child had never shown an aversion to fruit or fruit up until then, when I offered him something, he still didn't want to eat it - which of course irritated me greatly. I tried a piece myself and immediately noticed the unpleasant smell of our dishwasher, in which the can had just been washed. The fruit was almost inedible.

So the next day I decided to put the fruit in a stainless steel box and lo and behold - my son enjoyed the fruit as usual. To be on the safe side, I tried it again myself and could say with a clear conscience that it tasted exactly like it did at home - natural and fresh.

At that moment in the park, I realized that the chemicals were getting directly into our food via the plastic can and thus also automatically transferred to our body. When we got home, we immediately banned all existing plastic boxes from our household.