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What goes in a bento box?

If this seems like a trivial question at first, it's worth taking a closer look. In this blog post we want to talk about how to fully exploit the potential of a Bento Box.

Are there foods that are less suitable for lunch boxes and lunch boxes? Is a lunch box made of stainless steel really better or is a cheap one made of plastic enough? We want to answer these and more questions - for the perfect meal to go.

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Hygiene and durability

In most cases, the contents of the lunch box are prepared the day before and eaten cold. Accordingly, there are certain hygienic aspects that should be considered.

Low temperatures don't kill bacteria, they just make them spread more slowly. Accordingly, it must not be assumed that the bacterial contamination will start again from zero after thawing.

Since moisture also plays an important role, it is best for food to cool down before it ends up in the Bento Box. This is how condensation forms. On the one hand, this affects the enjoyment and promotes the decomposition process.

By the way, this is why dry foods containing sugar and salt last much longer. In this environment, the bacteria and germs simply dry out over time.

It also makes sense to deal with the topic of minimum durability. On the one hand to avoid that spoiled food is consumed, on the other hand to not throw away food pointlessly.

In Germany, around 13 million tons of food are thrown away every year. It is advisable to take a look at the expiration date when purchasing. Here you can plan in advance.

If you are sure, for example, that the food will be consumed in a timely manner, you can also reach for the item whose expiry date is a little closer to avoid it ending up in the garbage.

The best-before date indicates the date up to which the respective foodstuff can still be eaten without any significant loss of taste and quality or any health risk, provided that it is stored and stored correctly. As a rule, these can still be eaten after the specified best-before date.

This is where it differs from the use-by date. This specifies the date by which perishable food must be consumed in any case.

Trust your senses. Touching and smelling is usually an easy way to judge. If the expiry date has been exceeded by a few days, it is relatively easy to determine whether the food is still edible based on the consistency and the smell.

Vollwertige Nahrungsmittel

Ample space for a full meal

The value of a balanced meal is far too often neglected. Depending on your eating habits, it is important to eat a balanced diet. Especially with a vegan diet, it is essential to take a closer look.

The matching Bento Box is also available here, spacious and with adjustable compartments. Whether there is space for a balanced selection of dishes should not be up for debate. Our D-Lock series with removable dividers is perfect for this.

A regular, balanced diet is also noticeable in everyday life. With a clear head and an alert mind, even a stressful day at work can be overcome much more easily

How dangerous are plastic snack boxes?

The question was already addressed at the beginning of the post. To what extent do the plastic boxes differ from the containers made of stainless steel? First, plastic lunch boxes are much more prone to damage. Accordingly, this must be bought very often. If you decide to buy a stainless steel lunch box, it will accompany you for a long time.

After all, stainless steel is much more robust than plastic. Apart from the fact that this plastic is demonstrably not harmless to your own health, a slight plastic aroma is often transferred to the contents of the box. That should be enough reasons to steer clear of plastic boxes in the future.

Sustainable boxes are much more worthwhile in the long term. Not only for the wallet, but also for the environment.

Tips for the correct handling of bento boxes

In order to prepare the optimal break package to go, it is very useful to prepare the food in peace the evening before. Time is of the essence. Portions can be divided and arranged more sensibly.

At least the eye eats with you. If you don't have the time for this, the individual rations can be frozen in portions. Think about your daily routine. Is a bigger box worth it? Are two or three small boxes with removable compartments more useful?

No matter what action you need to take, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our online shop. You can also reach us via email or social networks. We are happy to be there for you!

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