That's why stainless steel lunch boxes are best for kids

Whether for kindergarten, for sports or at school, there is an everyday companion that accompanies children throughout their lives: the lunch box. Every day, thousands of parents lovingly prepare sandwiches, ready-cooked meals or sliced ​​fruit and vegetables and pack them in a wide variety of containers.

But which lunch box is best suited to transport the carefully prepared food? Plastic boxes, paper bags, glass containers or lunch boxes made of stainless steel?

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The problem with the plastics in bread boxes

Plastic has now permeated all areas of our daily lives. We not only use it to pack and transport our groceries, but also rely on the robust and practical material for most everyday items.

But there are good reasons to be careful, especially when it comes to children's food, about the material used in children's lunch boxes. Because especially when choosing a lunch box made of plastic, it can contain bisphenol A (BPA), which is extremely harmful to children.

Bisphenol A

Bisphenol A is a plasticizer and is added to plastic to make the material more pliable. Over time, however, this substance evaporates from the plastic and, in the case of plastic lunch boxes, for example, can ensure that components of the plasticizer are transferred to the food they contain.

The effects of these chemical compounds have not been finally clarified, but several side effects such as reduced ability to concentrate, reduced fertility and weakening of the immune system are associated with the substance.

Bisphenol A has therefore been banned as an additive in baby bottles since 2011 by the European Food Safety Authority. This shows that the risks of the plasticizer have long been public knowledge and are well documented.

Alternatives to plastic lunch boxes

Fortunately, however, there are also alternatives that do completely or almost completely without BPA.

  • Lunch box made of stainless steel

  • wrapping paper

  • glass container

Lunch box made of stainless steel

Stainless steel lunch boxes are an excellent alternative to plastic boxes, wrapping paper or glass containers. Because you combine all the advantages of the other lunch boxes in one without having any disadvantages.

Because stainless steel lunch boxes are light, stable, unbreakable and leak-proof. They can keep the lunch fresh for just as long as plastic boxes, are just as easy to wash as the glass alternatives and generate less waste than wrapping paper.

In addition, stainless steel snack boxes are a BPA-free alternative to glass containers and plastic boxes, because in contrast to these, the closure of stainless steel snack boxes is mechanical. Almost all other alternatives work with seals, which often contain bisphenol A (BPA). With a stainless steel children's lunch box, this is not necessary because the stable material can build up enough pressure that seals made of the hormonally active BPA are no longer necessary.

That's why we decided to design lunch boxes made of stainless steel that combine all the advantages of stainless steel lunch boxes with excellent customer service and a sophisticated partition concept:

Because that's what distinguishes our boxes from normal children's lunch boxes made of stainless steel:

  • 3 year guarantee
  • dishwasher safe tested according to LFGB
  • Free from (BPA) Bisphenol A
  • Combinable mini boxes made of high-quality stainless steel
  • easy to use for children (D-Lock)

Lunch box for children BPA free

wrapping paper

The older ones among us may remember the packaging of food in wrapping paper from our childhood, because in the past it was common to wrap food in wrapping paper coated on one side. Today this solution is hardly used anymore, although it is actually a good alternative to plastic foil or plastic containers.

In contrast to plastic items, food wrapping paper is often provided with a natural impregnation. This can consist of starch or soda and ensures that sausage or cheese can be easily removed from the paper without any plastic.

The disadvantage of wrapping paper is of course the waste it produces. Although paper is compostable and recyclable, it still creates a lot of waste. Germany in particular is one of the world champions when it comes to paper consumption, which is why you should pay attention to whether the use of compostable raw materials is unavoidable

glass container

Glass containers are a stable alternative to lunch boxes made of plastic or stainless steel, keep food fresh for a long time and are usually airtight and liquid-tight. Glass containers are also durable and can be washed out very easily.

However, glass containers also have some disadvantages, the most serious of which is of course the risk of breakage, especially for children. Because if a glass in the backpack breaks, the risk of injury is high. But not only broken glass as a direct danger is a counter-argument, but also bisphenol A as an indirect danger.

Because what many are not aware of: the plasticizer is contained in the seal of the lid and can also accumulate again in the food through this. If the lid is also washed in the dishwasher, this problem is exacerbated as the hot temperatures soften the plastic.

Because the lids are not made to be washed again and again at high temperatures. Ultimately, glass containers can even release significantly more BPA or other plasticizers into the food they contain than, for example, a plastic lunch box that is specially made for reuse. Not a particularly good alternative for a plastic-free meal for the offspring.


The perfect children's lunch box is made of stainless steel, as stainless steel is free of plasticizers, which can accumulate in food and thus endanger children's health. Stainless steel lunch boxes are easy to clean, chemical-free and very durable. They keep food fresh for a long time, are very robust and can be washed in the dishwasher.