Low Carb Rezept Bunter Salat mit Hähnchenbrustfilet - Sattvii®

Low carb recipe Colorful salad with chicken breast fillet

Here you will find one of our delicious and easy to prepare low carb bento recipes for your perfect meal prep!

What you need:

  • colorful salad
  • Chicken breast fillet
  • cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Onions (not a must, depending on taste)
  • pumpkin seeds
  • rungs
  • vinegar
  • Oil

First wash and cut the lettuce and vegetables. Season the chicken breast fillet, fry and cut into slices.

Mix the vinegar and oil into a dressing and season.

Mix the lettuce and vegetables and put them in the box. The seeds and sprouts serve as a topping, but can also be mixed straight into the salad if you like.

Tip: Only pour the dressing over the salad when you are about to eat it, so that it stays fresh and crunchy for longer!

The perfect meal is ready for your Sattvii Box!

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