Bento recipe "cheeky little fruit"

Here you will find one of our delicious and easy to prepare bento recipes for children and teenagers. All recipes are made from foods that you can find in almost every household and are super easy to prepare.

Bento Rezept freches Früchtchen

You need this for our bento recipe:

  • Whole wheat bread
  • ham
  • salad
  • Cucumber
  • Pepper yellow
  • Carrot
  • radishes
  • "Baby Bel" Cheese
  • Strawberries
  • Salt Pretzels
  • also: sugar eyes, round cookie cutters, finger food skewers, balsamic cream as dots (eyes and dots ladybug)

Bento Rezept freches Früchtchen

First you have to use the molds to prepare the bread, peel the carrot, prepare the salad, etc.

Bento Rezept freches Früchtchen

Then everything is topped, folded, skewered, etc. and whoops - your ready-made bento box for school or kindergarten is ready.

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