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Achieve the ideal dream figure with Mealprep

Achieve the dream figure with Mealprep

There are a lot of methods to successfully lose weight. A well-known and exciting option is the so-called meal prepping, in which meals are prepared before consumption. In this article we will show you how and why you can use it to achieve your dream body and what you should pay attention to when choosing your containers.

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The benefits of meal prep

Who doesn't know it, you're in the middle of a diet and suddenly the well-known yo-yo effect kicks in. Although you make an effort and stick to the change in diet, you often regain weight just as quickly. Unfortunately, this often has to do with uncontrolled binge eating or the wrong preparation.

If such a situation sounds familiar to you, we can reassure you. This is completely normal and generally not a bad thing:

Often, all it takes is a quick reach into the fridge, a thick layer of peanut butter or a bag of chips in front of the TV, and we gain weight without even realizing it.

The calories sneak into our everyday life completely unnoticed and ensure that the pounds increase. Eventually, the body stores excess calories and this leads to unwanted weight gain.

So what can be done about it?

The answer is meal prep, because it's an ideal way to take full control of your eating habits. Meal prep and diets go together just as well as a fist on the eye. The reason: By preparing the food and packing it in small doses, you can see exactly what you're actually eating for the whole day.

This also makes “the chocolate bar in between” particularly noticeable. It might even help you to think twice before going for an unhealthy snack or a whole meal, since you've carefully canned them beforehand.

So meal prep also has a psychological effect. This way you can see exactly whether you are getting a little closer to your goals or moving away from them.

You also manage to avoid small grabs for sweets, because they too can go unnoticed. You gain full control over your diet and this is an important prerequisite for getting one step closer to the dream body.

Mealprep brings a lot of benefits

Meal prep is particularly popular and the trend has now also caught on in Germany. There are many reasons, because with Mealprep you can bring more variety to your diet.

By planning meals a few days in advance, you can see exactly how the nutrients are distributed and whether you might have deficiencies in your diet , which had not previously been noticed.

It starts with the little things, because they immediately catch your eye:

  • Are there enough vegetables in the diet?
  • What is the distribution of micronutrients, minerals and trace elements?
  • What is the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins and fats?
  • Are there enough beneficial, unsaturated fatty acids that support hormone formation?
  • Do the meals contain enough fiber and should other sources be consulted if necessary?
  • Do meals keep you full and have the desired amount of calories to get you through the day?

You can take all these things into account with good meal prepping and thus put together the ideal dishes

Tip: Be it for the freezer or dishwasher, meal prep cans are perfect for storing them for a long time and then washing them off. Take a look at our selection and see for yourself.

Mealprep is not only popular with athletes

In bodybuilding and fitness, preparing meals is particularly common and many who deal intensively with the topic rely on meal prep. Above all, competitive athletes and those who often take part in tournaments know how important it can be to maintain an optimal diet. By preparing the desired portions in advance, you ensure that the right amount of protein is always available.

If you're a busy or forgetful person, then you'll be able to organize your supplements better. They are often forgotten or get lost a bit, but by putting them in the boxes you no longer have to actively pay attention to them. So you bring them to you almost automatically.

However, you don't have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the advantages of meal prep. Good preparation can also ensure that you save a lot of time in everyday life. If you are busy, like to be on the go or can't sit down in a restaurant all the time, you have a good alternative here.

Whether in the office, at university or when travelling, when time is of the essence, Mealprep is the ideal solution.

Better motivation thanks to meal prep

Mealprep also helps maintain full motivation. By sticking strictly to the nutrition plan every day and preparing meals thoroughly, you can motivate yourself to change your diet much better. It's not as difficult as before.

With the meal prep, you simply don't forget to eat the food you need. Even those who eat too little or simply eat too little can bring some normality back into everyday life thanks to good preparation.

A suitable Mealprep can keeps the meals fresh for longer, in contrast to loose storage. It also ensures that the food can be stored for as long as possible without the taste fading. This means that the dishes can still be enjoyed after a few days and do not taste bland or dry. Mealprep cans are a real hit on the market because they are compact and highly functional. They are suitable for the microwave, freezer or refrigerator and can therefore be easily stowed away and warmed up.

How can you get the most out of your meal prep?

If you want to achieve your dream body with Mealprep, good preparation and structure are the be-all and end-all. Ideally, you should make sure you eat 5 smaller portions throughout the day instead of three large ones gain weight. This will keep you full for longer and help you get used to the change in diet.

The content and quality of your food also plays a crucial role. High-quality, complex carbohydrates, good proteins with a high biological value and the right minerals and trace elements keep you full for longer.

If you always plan your meals carefully, combine the whole thing with sufficient exercise and a healthy lifestyle, then you will ensure that you get closer and closer to your dream body.

Use Dense Meal Prep Box

When choosing your boxes, you should make sure you make the right choice. There is a multitude of products on the market. But which of them are particularly suitable for successfully preparing meals? For example, one of these could be a glass food storage container with a lid.

Plastic is avoided and the closure remains particularly tight. In addition, glass is fairly odorless. It preserves the aromas and ensures that nothing can leak out. Unfortunately, glass isn't very portable, as it breaks fairly easily.

In order to achieve the same effect, we therefore recommend a stainless steel can, for example. It combines the same properties as the glass food storage container, but it does not break as quickly and can therefore be taken with you. It is also ideal for use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Just have a look at our Stainless Steel Boxes, because you will most likely be able to make a good choice with them when it comes to your diet planning.

That's why you should rather use stainless steel sets instead of the plastic version

In contrast to other products, such as those made of plastic, stainless steel cans have decisive advantages. They are far more sustainable and can be reused more often. Because stainless steel is fairly easy to wash off and also offers good protection, odors don't easily get through the can either. Discolouration can also be avoided by using stainless steel.

You also ensure that no microplastic components get into your food, which are known to be highly harmful. This makes the stainless steel cans ideal for meal prep purposes.

Meal Prep Box Set - The optimal solution for long-term planning

A whole Meal Prep Box Set , on the other hand, is better if you have to plan several days at a time. A 4-pack food storage container with a lid is always very suitable, for example, when 4 consecutive days or meals are to be combined. On the other hand, we recommend the version with 7 cans, especially if you want to structure your week in detail.

We recommend the use of sets especially for diets, after all, each food container can be used for a particular day. This allows you to plan much better in the long term and also to determine whether your diet is too one-sided during the week.

In the best case scenario, you should combine different vitamin, protein, carbohydrate and fat sources so that your body has a varied and have a healthy diet.

What's up with the bento boxes?

Anyone who deals a lot with food trends and nutrition will also miss the famous bento boxes not around it These are boxes that ensure that different foods are separated from each other. So if you want to keep sauces separate or even store different dishes in one box, bento boxes can be just the thing. This just doesn't mix anything up and you have a properly portioned meal.

A bento container has a capacity of about 1690 ml and weighs 516 grams. That's still small enough to put the box in your bag and big enough to put your food inside.

Bento boxes are extremely practical because you can stack them on top of each other and take several with you. For example, if you want to take three meals with you or are going away on a weekend, you can simply stack the cans on top of each other and don't have to carry them around with you individually.

You can also partially customize the inside of the bento boxes, which is why we particularly like them. You can decorate them, for example, or choose from a variety of shapes. After all, the eye eats too!


Now nothing should stand in the way of your meal prep! We wish you every success and hope to welcome you back to our blog soon. Feel free to take a look at the cans in our shop, because we have a category that is only suitable for meal prep. We look forward to your order.

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