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Nutrition & Yoga - 5 things you should know!

Inner balance through proper nutrition and yoga

Stress, appointments, fast and unhealthy food as well as hustle and bustle at work, school, study or in private life are part of everyday life for many people. So that stress does not make us permanently ill and unhappy, a balanced inner balance is essential. How it works? In our blog Yoga and Nutrition we tell you a few things you should know.

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1. What does stress actually do?

Stress causes blood pressure to rise, our muscles to tighten, breathing and heartbeat to accelerate. Lots of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released. Short-term stress is not bad, it actually inspires us and is important. But long-term stress can cause diseases and pain such as back problems, headaches, diabetes, depression, stomach ulcers or burnout. To avoid this, relaxation with yoga is a great thing.

2. What is yoga?

Since the 20th century, yoga has found more and more followers worldwide who are aware of its health-promoting effects. Yoga is several thousand years old and was originally used in Hinduism and Buddhism in India purely for meditation. Yoga scriptures were even created around 800 years before Christ. Over the years, physical exercises have been added to meditation, designed to balance the body, mind, and spirit. A distinction is made between different forms of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, which is very popular in the West. It originated around the beginning of the second millennium BC, also in India.

3. Inner balance with Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is suitable for young and old, for athletes and those who might want to become one. The ideal thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere and whenever you want without much effort. You can even do your yoga exercises, the asanas, during your break in the office, on vacation or out and about in the park. All you need is comfortable clothing, a soft surface, ideally a yoga or camping mat. The best thing to do is find a quiet spot and start paying attention to your body. Concentrate on your breath and start with a gentle warm-up of the muscles. After that, you'll stretch and strengthen your muscles with various yoga postures while continuing to focus on your breath. With the yoga workouts, some of which have very funny names such as dog or sun salutation, you should also learn to feel your body. Tensions are released and your stress is more and more forgotten. In addition, your body will be cleaned with special purification exercises, the Shatkriyas. Your body will find its balance, its inner equilibrium, and you will become calmer and more relaxed.

4. What role does diet play in yoga?

In order to be physically and mentally in balance, a balanced, healthy diet is also essential. It's not for nothing that the saying goes: "You are what you eat." Because what we eat ends up in our intestines, which as the seat of health plays a central role in the immune system. About 70% of immune cells are located in the gut, where they fight off many different pathogens.

Important in the yoga diet are fresh, preferably self-prepared food with lots of vegetables, fruit, healthy unsaturated fats - such as in nuts, seeds and fish -, yoghurt and whole grain products. With high-fiber food, you ensure that your intestines have to work properly.It makes you feel better, prevents illness and gives you enough energy for everyday life. Fatty, low-fiber or sugary foods provide a lot of energy, but cause the blood sugar level to drop again quickly. In addition, you feel tired and listless afterwards because your body has difficulty digesting it and it also damages your figure. Yogis swear by green fruit, salad and green vegetables, which they either cook raw or at a low temperature in a way that preserves the nutrients. According to the yoga teachings, real yogis not only refrain from violence, but also from fish and meat, since animals have to die for it. Instead, they look for other sources of protein such as soy, tofu and legumes. And yoga professionals take a lot of time for their meals, which they chew long and hard. Chewed well is known to be half digested. You should also make sure that you drink enough, preferably still water or unsweetened herbal tea. Because a lot of liquid is the basis for good digestion and a healthy life. You should avoid drinks containing sugar, alcohol and caffeine as well as nicotine, as they are not good for your body and rob it of its energy.

5. Lose weight with a low-carb diet and yoga

You can eat healthily and lose excess pounds at the same time with yoga and Low Carb Meal Prep. The English word low stands for low, carb for calories and prep for preparation and means preparation. With Low Carb, eating does not become a burden for your body, but provides it with lots of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So you are well prepared for your yoga workouts. You should avoid carbohydrate-rich foods such as white bread, potatoes, pasta, cakes, rice and especially sweets. Instead of white flour, we recommend using almond or pumpkin seed flour, for example. You can start your day with a delicious breakfast of healthy oatmeal and delicious fresh fruit. Brazil nuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and sunflower seeds provide valuable amino acids for your low carb meal prep. For your main meals, you can, for example, prepare lean turkey or chicken with vegetables or salad. And in the evening, delicious vegetable sticks, low-carb bread with delicious cottage cheese or a homemade avocado spread offer you a successful end to your healthy day.

6. Yoga nutrition on the go

To ensure that you eat healthily when you are on the go - at work, at university, at school or during leisure activities - do low carb meal prep and simply take your food with you. It is best to pre-cook your super light meals for several days or chop up your raw vegetables and pack them in portions in cans to go before you store them in the fridge or freezer. The sustainable stainless steel lunch boxes from Sattvii offer the ideal setting to keep your prepared meals nice and fresh. Because they are much more than "just" bread boxes. They are tasteless and also score with 100 percent leak protection and above all with absolute harmlessness to health. Because in ordinary plastic cans, harmful microplastics and plasticizers can be released, which can then be found in the food. Not tasty at all! Because plastic is made from petroleum, who would want an oily twist on their healthy meal? You are also doing something good for the environment. Because the high-quality bread boxes are very durable.

7.Short summary for your inner balance and your well-being

- Relieve stress and relax with yoga
- Do something good for your body with a healthy diet for hatha yoga
- Get your body in shape with low carb and yoga
- Run low Carb Prep for on the go
- Benefit from the Sattvii stainless steel lunch boxes to go

In this sense: Namasté!

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