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These are the best school enrollment gifts!

It's finally going to school! The anticipation of the little ones also spreads to the adults, who are now thinking about small and maybe bigger gifts for this special day. After all, you only go from kindergarten to school child once in your life. This moment is celebrated with the school cone, which is filled to the brim and taken away on the first day and proudly presented to the new classmates. But such a school cone is pretty big... what is supposed to be in there? We have some ideas!

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Gift #1: The Personalized Lunch Box

A lunch box for a healthy lunch is an absolute must for every student. You can only concentrate if you eat well, and that is particularly important in this phase of life. Unfortunately, personal belongings will also be lost in elementary school, since children cannot always think of everything and sometimes leave something behind. My lunch box makes a good gift for starting school, but what if the good piece is left lying around carelessly.
No problem with our personal engraved lunch box - because now everyone can see who owns it. Personalized gifts are also particularly popular with children, as they feel that this lunch box is theirs and only theirs. Mum and dad aren't allowed to use them, after all, their names aren't on them. You treat a gift like this much more appreciatively. A great extension of this gift are our mini containers made of stainless steel, in which fresh fruit, vegetables or nuts can also be given as a small snack in between.

Gift #2: High Quality Crayons

Sensible gifts for starting school are high-quality, thick colored pencils in a set. The children already know them from kindergarten and will soon be able to work with them in art classes at school. Most students love to paint and will certainly test their gifts at home. It is important that the colored pencils are of high quality, free from harmful substances and a little thicker to start with. In this way, the still inexperienced children's hands can grip them better and train their motor skills on them.
Gift #3: Pencil Case

You should discuss school enrollment gifts with your parents - because a pencil case is often bought as a set with the school bag. If not, it is a beautiful first day of school gift and can be purchased to match the school bag. Families are happy to discuss the costs of high-quality basic equipment anyway and divide it among themselves. When the parents buy the school bag, aunts, uncles or grandparents can add the matching pencil case.

Gift #4: Water Painting Box

The water painting box will not be included in the art class immediately, but only in a few months. Nevertheless, a high-quality set of watercolors is ideal for the school cone. It will definitely be tried out extensively at home before it is used in art class. It is best to give away a few good, wider brushes as well, because the student will need them. Just like with colored pencils, the wider the better, to start with. Special colors are not required, the paint box must contain the basic colors. If the student has a favorite color, that color can be included as a little extra.
Gift #5: pencils, sharpener and eraser

pencils? How boring...or not? As with crayons, students learn to write with a wider pencil Parents in particular will be grateful if there is a certain supply of pencils in the household. A high-quality sharpener is also part of the basic equipment. You can get creative with the erasers. They are available in all imaginable shapes and colors, so that students are often happy to buy them themselves with their first pocket money. Gift a small selection of high-quality thick pencils, a quality sharpener and erasers for elementary school students to enjoy.

Gift #6: School Enrollment Books and Stories

School enrollment is an exciting time because so much is being learned and the little ones have so much to process. Reading is one of the first skills an elementary school student develops. But it needs to be practiced, because it doesn't get better on its own. What is better than a children's book about the exciting time of starting school? In the beginning it can still be read as a bedtime story. Children process their impressions of the day through stories, so that this gift is of educational value right from the start in elementary school. Over time, they'll become better at reading the book themselves.
Gift #7: Drinking Bottle

A high-quality drinking bottle can be a small science in itself. It has to be free of harmful substances, but not too heavy. It must look like the school bag, but be space-saving. The dishwasher safe is best, as it is refilled every day. There is often a drinking bottle that goes with the school bag, so you can talk to your parents and get the right model as a present.
Gift #8: Children's Purse

You should also arrange a purse for the school child with the parents, because - you guessed it - this also comes in a set with the school bag. Many elementary schools have a break sale or lunch where students can buy something for themselves. This promotes the handling of money early on. Elementary school is the right time to always have some coins with you, just in case. To ensure that these are not lost, elementary school students need a child-friendly wallet. They will think of you often with this gift, since over time they will not only use it for school. If the present for school enrollment is to be a bit larger, then the purse can already be full.

Gift #9: Children's umbrella
The enrollment takes place in summer or autumn, which means that soon the first rainy days will come. An umbrella for children with funny motifs will then prove to be very helpful. Maybe there is one that goes with the school bag?
Gift #10: Who shot the time?

Reading the time becomes a topic early in elementary school. In addition, the little ones now have to get up at a certain time to attend class. Give the student an alarm clock or a watch, he will soon be able to read it and will need it. You can choose this gift idea together with the student after they have started school, for example when they are going into town to buy exercise books anyway.

Gift #11: Friends Book

Everyone had it, some have kept it to this day - the book of friends. How many friends wrote you in your friend book when you were at school? The children exchange their books with each other and write a short description in each other, with a photo, fingerprint and a funny saying. For some, it's about getting the whole class into the Friends book, while others let off steam creatively and want to create the most beautiful pages.This book makes it easier to find your first friendships and develop social skills in elementary school. Many friendships begin with the innocent question: "Would you like to write in my friends book?" Because anyone who has immortalized themselves here can now officially spend time during the break and that's all it takes at this age to seal a friendship. Let's be honest: don't we sometimes wish we had such an easy way to make new friends?
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