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Grill accessories - these 10 things every grill master needs!

At the latest when the first rays of sunshine warm the air, the time has come: men and increasingly women get the grill from the cellar or garage. The grilling begins. Whereby real grill masters don't let themselves be deterred even in winter, winter grilling is enjoying increasing popularity. Finding accessories for the barbecue is not difficult. For example, the company Weber Grill offers accessories for their grills in enormous quantities.

Storage boxes in which you can transport grilled food, salads and sauces are also worth buying, for example the lunch boxes from Sattvii. You can read here what other accessories you need for grills in order to become a real grill master, to experience perfect enjoyment and to have fun at your next barbecue party.

The grill

It seems to be the most natural thing in the world: If you want to grill, you need a grill. But when it comes to choosing the right grill, opinions differ. Some swear by the old charcoal grill. It is the only way to create the aroma typical of grilling and the original feeling of freedom. Others pride themselves on their gas grills, which take on the proportions of outdoor kitchens, with a cooktop and tons of other extras. Electric grills can even be used indoors. Disposable grills are easily suitable to be taken on an excursion. Which grill you choose depends on your personal taste and individual needs. Before making a decision, you should think about it and compare offers. After all, you want to enjoy your grill for many years to come.

storage boxes

Storage boxes are essential, especially if you don't want to grill at home. Whether on an excursion or in the allotment garden: Grilled goods and salads, marinades and dressings have to be transported. The storage boxes from Sattvii are ideal for this. They are leak-proof and guarantee that everything arrives safely at your barbecue area. You can pack the food airtight and protect it from insects. But the boxes from Sattvii have other advantages that are significant in terms of climate and environmental protection. They are plastic free, BPA and CO² free.
You can have a good conscience with them. And even if you don't value it, you can look forward to the boxes made of high-quality premium stainless steel. They are robust and you will have fun with them for a long time. The seals of the cans with the soft clip closure are made of silicone. All materials from which the cans are made are therefore food-safe and harmless to health. Sattvii boxes are certified by TÜV and LFGB. With them you are on the safe side. You will receive a product that meets the highest quality standards.

Chimney starter and grill lighter

If you opt for a charcoal grill, lighting accessories are helpful for grilling. Under no circumstances should you use alcohol to light the grill. Many attempts have ended in serious injuries. You can get a selection of grill lighters in stores that you can use to safely light charcoal and briquettes. There are now also grill lighters in organic quality. Whether liquid, kindling wool, or wood chips made of wax makes no difference. You can choose according to your personal taste. If you want to speed up the lighting of the grill, many companies, such as Weber Grill Accessoires, offer chimney starters in which you can stack the fuel. Charcoal is usually glowing through in a fireplace after 30 minutes.

Fireproof barbecue gloves

Grilling gloves are not just a fashion detail. With fireproof grilling gloves you can avoid many an accident and some burns. And that doesn't just apply to grilling with charcoal and an open fire. Especially with electric and gas grills you don't see the heat. A hot part is then easily touched and you quickly get burned blisters. Fireproof barbecue gloves are made of either extra thick leather with a lining made of cotton, Nomex and Kevlar fibers or heat-resistant aramid fabric. You can try out which grilling glove you work best with when you go shopping. Many tolerate the natural materials particularly well, while the synthetic fabrics impress with their lightness.


Just like the gloves, the apron is more than just a piece of clothing, although many grill masters wear their aprons with pride. The motifs are diverse and say a lot about their wearer. Ideally, the apron also protects against grease splashes and heat. It prevents the dripping marinade from leaving unsightly stains on the grill master's clothing that are difficult or impossible to remove. So when choosing your grill apron, you should not only pay attention to its appearance, but also that it is easy to clean and ideally even heat-resistant.

barbecue tongs

Real grill masters don't use forks to turn the grilled food. There are very practical reasons for this. The meat is injured by forks and fat and meat juice escape. It does not matter whether it is a grill fork or an ordinary fork that is used for eating. This quickly dries the meat and when the meat juice drips onto the hot charcoal, toxic, unhealthy vapors are produced that also settle on the meat. In the case of sausages, the fat spurts out particularly strongly when you pierce them with a fork, and hot fat leads to painful injuries. Long-handled tongs are more practical than short ones.

BBQ thermometer

A good steak is juicy. But it is also important, especially with pork, that it is well-done. If you want to determine exactly the right time to take the steak off the grill, then you need a grill thermometer. This measures the core temperature of the food to be grilled and you can see whether the meat is already medium, already cooked through or still too raw. With a grill thermometer you will succeed in the perfect steak. There is a large selection of grill thermometers. There are now even some with Bluetooth and some with which you can monitor several steaks at the same time.

grill mat

Opinions also differ when it comes to grill mats. Some swear by it because they don't let food fall into the fire. This is particularly worthwhile if you want to grill small pieces of food such as strips of vegetables or even work with dough. Any escaping gravy or marinade cannot drip onto the hot sticks or the hot coals. Grill mats are made of silicone or other heat-resistant material coated with Teflon. With grill mats, aluminum trays, which usually have to be thrown away after a single use, become superfluous.

Grill brush and cleaner

Grilling is fun, everyone will tell you that. But clean the grill and grate afterwards? Nobody likes doing that. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpers here too. Weber Grill Zubehör and other companies offer grill brushes that you can use to effortlessly clean your grill. You can remove particularly stubborn dirt with special cleaners. Even if the barbecue party lasts into the night: It is best if you clean the grill and grate the same evening or at least soak them so that the dirt cannot become encrusted and is even more difficult to remove.

If it should not only be meat and sausage

It is no longer just sausages and steaks that are grilled. From starters to sweet desserts, you can now prepare everything on your grill with the right accessories. Helpful accessories for grilling include:
  • Barbecue skewers, double barbecue skewers
  • vegetable bowls
  • Chicken Roaster, Chicken Leg Holder
  • pizza stone
  • Grill baskets, vegetable baskets
  • grill pan
  • Dutch oven
This is just a small selection of possibilities. With growing grilling experience and growing enthusiasm, you will surely discover new accessories that will support you in your life as a grill master.
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