Sustainability & climate neutrality

With our products, we attach great importance to sustainable and climate-neutral production and climate-neutral shipping of our products.

This applies to the entire manufacturing chain, from raw materials to delivery to you. But even with the materials used, we pay attention to the most sustainable possible selection of raw materials.

Climate neutral lunch boxes & lunch boxes

climate neutrality

Unfortunately, stainless steel products cannot yet be manufactured without CO2. In order to still produce climate-neutrally, we compensate the entire CO2 emissions through projects that bind CO2 .


We offset all emissions that are emitted during the manufacture of our lunch boxes through our partner Climatepartner. The following areas of production are compensated for our products:

  • raw materials
  • manufacturing
  • import
  • Packaging
  • storage


The shipping of our lunch boxes is also completely climate-neutral. We ship our products via our partner DHL GoGreen.

Sustainable materials

In addition to offsetting emissions, we also try to use environmentally friendly raw materials that actively avoid waste when it comes to the materials themselves.

Avoiding waste by using stainless steel instead of plastic

Durable stainless steel

Our products are deliberately made of stainless steel. Because we are firmly convinced that robust, durable products have a better ecological balance than plastic lunch boxes. Because instead of buying a new lunch box every year, lunch boxes from Sattvii® last a lifetime.

EcoSafe seals

Our removable EcoSafe seals are biodegradable, sustainable and free of plastic or BPA. Our Sattvii ® lunch boxes are healthy, easy to clean and yet durable.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We use paper instead of plastic for our packaging. Paper is much easier to recycle and is biodegradable, which is why we use paper packaging wherever possible.