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Hard clip lunch boxes made of stainless steel

Finding a child-friendly premium stainless steel box that is perfect for kindergarten or school is a real challenge. We guide you through our kid-friendly L-Lock series.

Child-friendly L-Lock series 4-in-1 (perfect for school):
Children love variety in food and sometimes it is necessary to divide foods with compartments so they don't touch and exchange tastes/smells. The classic example is bread and fruit. A lunch box that does not offer dividers to separate the food often results in an undesirable mixing of flavors and liquids.

It would also be nice if a few snacks/dried fruit or dips such as yoghurt or salsa could be taken away, especially in different containers. This is exactly where the L-Lock 4-in-1 comes into play. Separating your favorite foods into different containers is an easy task. The large containers can be stacked on top of each other. The snacks and dips can be packed in the mini containers.

So the child can enjoy their healthy, homemade and delicious food in its original form. All Sattvii lunch boxes are plastic-free and do not transfer chemicals or odors to the food. This makes them the perfect alternative to traditional plastic lunch boxes.

More options

The upper container can also be used separately if necessary. An included silicone strap helps hold the box together. The containers can be packed in several variants.

The L-Lock clip fasteners are very stable and strong. We therefore recommend this lunch boxfrom the age of about 6 years. This will be a perfect companion for school.

Our buying guide:

The 550ml (Small) D-Lock lunch box is the perfect Companion for daycare.

The 780 ml (medium) D-Lock lunch box is the perfect companion for kindergarten.

The 1260 ml (large) D-Lock Lunch Box or L-Lock 4-in-1 Lunch Box will be the perfect companion for school/office/camping.