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Softclip lunch boxes made of stainless steel

Finding a child-friendly premium stainless steel box that is perfect for kindergarten or school is a real challenge. We accompany you through our toddler-friendly D-Lock series.

Toddler-friendly D-Lock series (perfect for daycare and kindergarten):
Our D-Lock clips were developed and designed with the special needs of young children in mind. These clips are super easy to use and toddlers can open and close them without adult help.

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The 1260ml (Large) D-Lock Lunch Box or L-Lock 4-in-1 Lunch Box will be the perfect companion for school/office/camping.

The D-Lock clamps are toddler-friendly, have a soft-close function and are easy to use, yet very sturdy.

Leakproof: The silicone ring makes the box leakproof and helps to keep the liquid in the container. This ring can be easily removed and reinserted.

Dishwasher-safe: The jar and the silicone ring are dishwasher-safe. Freezer Ready: When food needs to be prepared in advance, our D-Lock box can be used to store the food in the freezer and also transport it later.

This saves time and is also a very practical solution for storing perishable food.

Removable dividers: The 1260 ml box (Large) and the 780 ml box (Medium) come with 2 removable dividers that give you the option to accommodate multiple dishes. The smallest of the three sizes 550ml (Small) comes with a single removable divider and is perfect for daycare. It also comes with a silicone strap that can be attached outside the box in case the toddler forgets to close the clips properly. It will help keep the box sealed.

Our buying guide:

The 550ml (Small) D-Lock lunch box is the perfect one Companion for daycare.

The 780 ml (medium) D-Lock lunch box is the perfect companion for kindergarten.

The 1260 ml (large) D-Lock lunch box or L-Lock 4-in-1 lunch box will be the perfect companion for school/office/camping.