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Which lunch box is suitable for kindergarten?

As a constant companion, the choice of lunchbox should be well thought out. Especially when it comes to our children, we must not make any compromises. Choosing the right lunch box and lunch box seems very simple at first.

Appearances can be deceiving. Are the lunch boxes harmless to the health of my children? How durable are the different boxes? Are these harmful to our environment?

These are questions that are not unimportant when buying a suitable lunch box. This may sound very banal at first - but in this blog post we explain why it is worth taking a closer look.

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Accessibility for children

Simple operation is important for the youngest. Unfortunately, professional sealing is by far not a matter of course. Lunch boxes often have cumbersome caps, which require a lot of effort, especially from children.

An alternative to this is our D-Lock series. Despite the stable closure, these only require simple handling with very little effort - making them perfect for toddlers and primary school students. The shutter has a simple mechanism and is very easy to use.

Lunch boxes with compartments or dividers (bento boxes) can also be very useful here. Meals can be easily divided and portioned, which provides a better overview.

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Therefore, a stainless steel box is better for your children's health

Bisphenol A or BPA can be found in many

  • Water Bottles
  • Milk cartons
  • plastic containers
  • or just lunch boxes

Unfortunately, it affects the human hormone system. Due to the weak, estrogenic effect found, it was even used temporarily for hormone therapy in the past.

One would like to spare one's own children that. Stainless steel is completely free of these toxic substances.

In order to promote the well-being of your own offspring, you should always use the stainless steel version when purchasing new bread boxes. This will be particularly noticeable in the long term.

Both for the investment and for the health of your child.

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How important is the longevity of my lunch boxes

When buying the lunch box for children, I basically face two decisions. Do I opt for the cheaper variant, which has to be bought regularly, or do I consider the high-quality version.

A lunch box made of stainless steel can accompany you throughout your life if you take good care of it. Over time, more and more BPA is deposited from plastic lunch boxes, especially in the food.

All of this no longer has to be the case in a modern society. The bottom line is that stainless steel boxes are cheaper for you in the long term. BPA-free pays off.

In addition, stainless steel boxes are a lot more stable than conventional plastic boxes. When you are young, you are often a bit more stormy and careless.

Boxes are dropped or put away unfavorably. Stainless steel is known to be rustproof and very robust. This is also an advantage over BPA-free plastic.

Our environment from the children's point of view

It's no secret. It's almost 12 on Mother Earth! If we ignore this, we will be confronted with irreparable consequences in the long term.Absolutely everyone can make their contribution to live more sustainably

Those who take their lunch with them in lunch boxes or lunchboxes save on packaging waste and make a lot of things better. But there have long been plastic-free alternatives to the classic Tupperware can.

Lunch boxes from:

  • stainless steel
  • Glass
  • and even wood
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Tips and Lifehacks

Freshly prepared food with natural ingredients is always best. It is important that you let the food cool down before you put it in the lunch box, because warm food gives off condensation. This will make the contents watery. In summer, this is also unfavorable for hygiene.

Correctly assembled is the content of a bento box without gaps. This means that the food does not move so much during transport.

Perishable foods such as raw fish, tofu or homemade mayonnaise should not be packed, as the box can remain unrefrigerated for a few hours before consumption. When preparing the lunch box, you should work with clean hands so that not too many bacteria get into the food.

Prepare your food. Take a day or two to pre-cook your food. So you can freeze excess food directly and thaw it again if necessary, for example before school starts.

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