Look for these 7 things about lunch boxes for kids

Lunch boxes, lunch boxes, bento boxes - the selection of various containers for meals to go is huge. We just want the best for our children. And in order to be able to guarantee that, in today's blog post we will tell you which seven things you should consider when buying lunch boxes.

Mud pants, drinking bottle, backpack - do I have everything? In addition to various other things that we as parents have to think about, there is now choosing the right lunch box.

Schuljunge setzt sich an Tisch

Whether at school or kindergarten - small children can be very fussy about the food they are given with them and sometimes you have to talk them into angelic tongues so that they finally eat what we have painstakingly prepared for them. Or even worse - the lunch box that was given arrives half full at home and the squashed contents have to be thrown away at the end. That would be more than a pity and also very wasteful.

In order to counteract this problem, we have set the following criteria that you should consider:

  • Operation

    Children's hands and fine motor skills. The little ones often still lack the necessary strength or motor skills to open complicated or too tight cans. Your child should be able to open the new box easily and independently. Our D-Lock series with soft clip is guaranteed to be easy to open thanks to its practical design.
    So don't worry that your little one will be sitting desperately between all the other children and will have to ask for help. He or she will be able to do it all on their own, eventually improving their fine motor skills.
  • Distribution

    The variably usable dividers kill two birds with one stone: when you open them, your child will not expect any unappetizing surprises, since the different ingredients cannot mix, plus your offspring will most likely be more motivated to eat up because of the prevailing order.

    By the way : Did you know that the term "Bento" comes from the Japanese and describes exactly this form of presentation of the food with separate compartments or boxes?
    The first bento boxes have been around since the 5th century and were bamboo tubes back then they also have an antiseptic effect. Since the 15th century, bento has become increasingly popular. Whether in the theatre, at tea ceremonies or funerals - a wide variety of ways of nourishment developed.
Mädchen und Junge sitzen am Tisch
    • Stability

      Also a very important point! It doesn't matter how many have already come and are still to come - a good lunch box for children should undoubtedly be able to withstand falls on the floor. In the end, you'll be annoyed that you didn't spend an extra euro or two from the start.
      In kindergarten or school things are not always quiet and reserved. The little ones are careless and the box likes to land quickly on the hard floor. Plastic cans can already show their first defects after a few fights and so you end up buying twice. Unnecessary and bad for the environment!
    • Sustainability

      Putting the purchase of a lunch box in a larger context, in our opinion, sustainability is one of the most important reasons for buying a bento box.We believe that nowadays, in which we are now confronted with the effects of climate change on a daily basis, it should be self-evident to want to do without plastic - keyword company philosophy !
    • Dishwasher safe

      Sure, it's not a must, but it's a lot more relaxed if you don't have to wash the box by hand Few people prefer to wash by hand and using the dishwasher saves you time. That's why all of our lunch boxes are dishwasher-safe.
      Despite everything, we recommend manual cleaning for an even longer shelf life. The easy-care stainless steel material can be cleaned quickly and effectively under running water.
    Kinder am Tisch
      • Low in pollutants

        Your body is your temple - never forget that. Food packed in plastic absorbs harmful substances and thus automatically migrates into our body. So it should be a matter of course to choose a plastic-free variant when it comes to lunch boxes.
      • Leakproof

        I think we fully agree on this point. Nobody wants to have to clean the whole day care center or school backpack because they spilled lunch in it. Our robust silicone seal keeps the bag dry.
      Lunchbox mit Inhalt

      We're really glad you made it to our blog. That means you are currently dealing with the topic of whether a bread box made of stainless steel and not plastic is the better choice. Or have you come across the term “bento box” and are wondering what advantages this lunch box with subdivisions brings to your child in everyday life? Feel free to check out our other blog posts!

      We hope that we were able to help you and are ready to answer any further questions you may have. If you still need help please feel free to contact us anytime!


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